Weaver Tactical 1-5 x 24mm Illuminated Intermediate Range Scope Review

Weaver Tactical 1-5 x 24mm Illuminated Intermediate Range Scope

Perhaps you have tried lots of illuminated scopes in your lifetime, and not all of them were be up to the challenge as far as precision and accuracy are concerned. Most of the choices available in the market today are a hit or miss. If you have done your research, though, you know that the Weaver Tactical 1-5 x 24mm Illuminated Intermediate Range Scope is  an exception to this rather disappointing lack of options.



In terms of features, this particular model relies on a 30mm one-piece Argon purged tube, complimented by multi-coated lenses and protected by a reinforced exterior case. In terms of power adjustment, the unit has been devised to accommodate aggressive knurling. With magnification that can be amped up to five times the normal rate based as well as true 1 power at the lowest magnification setting, you are bound for a good experience overall, as far as accurate visual imaging is concerned.


Pros & Cons:

Much has been said about this particular model’s advantage over others. On one hand, you have the zoom feature, which allows up to five times the normal size, providing for more precision as far as clear visuals are concerned. If you are considering something apt for intermediate range, then this model fits the bill and offers an incredible experience that is hard to match by another model within the same price range.

On the other hand, a common complaint received on this product is regarding the rather heavy frame, although this is considered to be a minor setback in comparison with other models, which weigh a lot more. If used in tandem with more add-ons, it can be quite heavier than usual. Another negative aspect is be the price, even though it is already understandable that equipment of such quality will most likely command such a price tag.


Weaver has been in the forefront when it comes to the production of dependable intermediate range scopes, and the Weaver Tactical 1-5 x 24mm Illuminated Intermediate Range Scope is no exception to this brand’s quest for excellence. If you want an optic which would permit you to effectively use your rifle in intermediate range, make up for lack of proper illumination, and count on a tool that is built to last, then you have just found the very product you are looking for.



What is the Best Rifle Scope for the Money?

Whether you are tactical or sport shooter, with so many rifle scopes on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly which one is the best to buy and what you are getting for your money. Is it worth it to shell out $1500+ for a scope? In some cases, maybe, but for most of us who are sticking to a budget, probably not. If you are looking to get as much possible bang for your buck, there are some great rifle scopes out there that will get the job done without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the best:

Burris C4 4.5-14×42 – Check it HERE

With a custom elevation dial that allows you to select your bullet type and gun caliber, this scope allows hunters to shoot with great precision even at long distances without spending the big bucks to buy a tactical rifle scope. High performing in both low and high light situations, the Burris C4 4.5-14×42 is designed to be a great all-around scope for a relatively small pricetag.


Nikon M-308 – Check price here

This fog proof, shock proof, waterproof scope with tactical style turrets gives hunters the premium optics for which Nikon is known. Rapid Action Turret technology eliminates holdover with a turn of the turret for optimal performance. This is scope is a solid, well-priced unit that will satisfy the needs of many discriminating hunters. – Check More Nikon Scope Reviews Here


Redfield Battlezone – Check price here

While the optics are not over the top on this scope, it does has two ballistic turrets which is appealing. Waterproof, shock proof, and fog proof, features include a bullet drop compensator and fast focus dial. For a good $150 less than the other scopes here, it is a nice bargain and performs decently for the price.

Meopta Meopro RD – More info about Meopta HERE

While a bit more costly than the Burris, the Meopta Meopro RD scope looks slick and has fantastic adjustable illumination. All Meopro scopes are built in the Czech Republic and assembled in the United States. You will think that you are using a much more expensive scope than you truly are with the Meopro, making it one of the best rifle scopes you can get for the money. (They also have a higher end, more expensive Meostar line).


Weaver Grand Slam

The Weaver Grand Slam has been redesigned to give hunters a more attractive scope with great optics. It includes several different recticles, coated lenses, and Argon purged tubes to prevent fogging. This scope is a great update on a classic. A portion of the proceeds from Grand Slam sales goes toward the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Even when money is an object, you can still get a good rifle scope that will make your life easier. For under $1000, you can still buy a decent scope with excellent optics. Compare the features of these scopes and decide which is best for you. The products are getting better and better, and the best rifle scope you can get for the money may have you spending a lot less than you expected to pay.