Where Are Vortex Scopes Made?

Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics is an American family-owned company that offers a wide variety of telescopic sights ranging from binoculars to riflescopes. The company’s scopes, in particular, are quite popular due to their incredible features and reasonable price points. However, many scope buyers often question where Vortex products are made. This concern stems from the fact that a lot of US riflescope brands don’t make their products from scratch these days. As a result, concerns about quality are rife among scope buyers.

Vortex Optics

Before learning where vortex scopes are made, it’s important to know the main product lines that come from this optics company. At the time of this writing, Vortex scopes can be distinctly grouped into the following product lines:

  • Vortex Razor HD: These Vortex scopes cost the most but the good news is that they’re not as expensive as other brands. Being their premium line, Vortex develops Razor HD scopes with high quality standards and optics designed to provide excellent performance.
  • Vortex Viper: The Viper line is the second best offering that Vortex has under its belt when it comes to riflescopes. Viper scopes offer great quality compared to a number of similar scopes from other brands in their price range. These scopes also provide more magnification and precision in shooting. Original models such as the 30mm 6.5-20×44 and 6.5-20×50 were well-built and are still good scopes. However, you can find better configurations in recent Vortex scopes such as the Viper HS and Viper PST models.
  • Vortex Diamondback: Diamondback scopes are available at cheaper prices than the Viper or Razor HD models. The glass is well-designed and Diamondback scopes are known to have a large field of view and high magnification.
  • Vortex Crossfire: The Crossfire line, including the Crossfire II, is on the lower price range of Vortex scopes. However, the quality is still very good and buyers get to choose from a wide range of configurations.

Where Are Vortex Scopes Made?
Maybe a more direct question is, are Vortex scopes made in the USA? While Vortex claims on its official website that all their products are designed, engineered, pre-inspected, and serviced in-house, labels on their scopes indicating the manufacturers’ locations say something quite different.

For instance, some models are labeled “Made in China” and others in the Philippines. Indeed, most Vortex riflescope components are manufactured almost entirely in Asia. A closer look reveals that Vortex scopes are manufactured in the following locations:

  • Razor HD scopes are manufactured in Japan
  • Vipers are made in Philippines
  • Diamondbacks are made in Philippines made as well
  • Crossfire scopes are produced in China

It may come as a surprise that an American-owned company, located in the USA, sells riflescopes that have been manufactured overseas. But this is common in the optics industry where many trade name companies buy components from a manufacturer and then put their name on it.

In fact, very few optics companies engineer and build their riflescopes in-house these days. And while Vortex doesn’t make their products, they do have the expertise and are able to tell optics manufacturers exactly what they want. All of Vortex’s custom designed scopes are made according to their specifications.

The question of who makes vortex binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes has one simple answer. Vortex does. And, Vortex is in Barneveld, Wisconsin, which, by the way, is a great area for investing in real estate. If you would like to learn more about investing in real estate check out Remetrics, which helps you analyze real estate investment deals.

Does It Matter Where Vortex Optics Are Made?
This is a controversial topic that has elicited many divided opinions. On one hand, you have companies that sell whatever they can outsource overseas and assemble cheaply. Such brands sometimes compromise on the quality of their scopes on the premise that they’re giving buyers lower prices. With most cheap riflescopes being made in Asia, this has led many scope buyers into thinking that the vast majority of Asian-made products are of poor quality, which is not entirely true.

On the other hand, there are optics companies like Vortex that do the engineering in-house and then demand manufacturers build what they want.

At the end of the day, what matters most is whether a riflescope works as advertised rather than where it was made. Are Vortex scopes any good? You bet:

So, if you’re apprehensive about Vortex scopes being made overseas, simply do your research and choose a model that other users have vouched for. The best part is that Vortex offers a lifetime VIP warranty for all their riflescopes. This lifetime warranty goes to show that Vortex is a reputable optics company that believes in the quality of their products and stand by what they put their name on.

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Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope Review

Vortex Spitfire 3x prism

The Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope w/ EBR-556B is a great addition to a hunter’s bag. This 3X rifle scope is perfect for shooting targets that are within a close to medium distance. What sets this scope apart is that it combines excellent optical features, easy handling and a rugged construction all in one package.

Features and Benefits

A hunter’s success in the field largely depends on the quality of his or her rifle scope. With the Vortex Spitfire 3X EBR-556B Prism Scope, you can be assured of consistent point of aim at all times.

  • Aim Better

The scope’s 3X lens brings targets that are 100 yards away closer. It is has a full multi-coating finish to achieve less light loss and glare. The lens also has several coatings with anti-reflective properties, which are designed to increase light transmission.

  • Sharp Optics and Precision

This Vortex scope features a unique prism-like design. As a result, it can be used with or without illumination. The Dual Ring Tactical (DRT) illuminated reticle etched on the prism helps to deliver sharp optics with consistent precision. You’ll also love the adjustable brightness feature that comes with the scope. It offers red/green illumination choices of up to five intensity levels, thus making it perfect for hunting in different conditions.

  • Easy to Handle, Lightweight, and Versatile

The battery life for the scope is 250 and 3,000 hours at maximum and minimum brightness respectively, and unlike other scopes that come with multiple parts, the Vortex Spitfire 3X Scope features a single piece chassis.

Weighing only 12.2 ounces, the scope is quite lightweight and compact. An additional feature that makes it quite easy to handle is the adjustable mounting base. By default, the scope comes mounted at a co-witness height of 40.4 mm between the optic center and base surface. You can remove the mount riser to reach a lower mount height of 30 mm if desired. In addition, you can use the scope with both eyes open thanks to its 2.8 inches eye relief range.

  • Withstands Shock, Fog, and Water

The icing on the cake for the Vortex Spitfire 3X shockproof Prism Scope is of course its rugged design. It has an O-ring seal that protects interior components from moisture. The materials have been strengthened with nitrogen purging gas to ensure a fog-proof and waterproof build. In addition, the rugged construction is shockproof and can withstand recoil as well as impact from falls. This rifle scope is designed with durability in mind since it features a hard-anodized, low glare, mate finish.

Is This a Good Purchase?

The prism-based design, 3 X magnifications and parallax-free lens of the Vortex Spitfire EBR-556B Prism Scope bring distant objects closer without compromising on optical quality. Therefore, if fast target acquisition in close to medium range is a priority, then this scope is a good purchase since it will make you a better hunter.

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier With Flip Mount Review

vortex VMX 3t magnifier

The Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is a quick and very effective magnifier that’s quite easy to install and that provides a great quality image. It offers great image quality and construction for a fair price. Read on to learn more about this product and whether it’s right for your needs.

vortex VMX 3t magnifier


The VMX-3T is a very well made magnifier that utilizes a hard-coat-anodized, machined-aluminum construction. It feels solid in the hand and is very durable with a premium build quality and attractive black matte finish. Internal nitrogen purging and waterproof O-ring seals also ensures that it remains waterproof and wont fog up while you’re using it. This also prevents dust from getting inside which could otherwise build-up and render the magnifier ineffective – a common issue for other products.

The Vortex VMX-3T utilizes a flip-mount which enables it to be locked in place quickly and easily to provide up to 3X magnification. The crisp image is further improved by the full multi-coated lenses that increase light transmission. Anti-reflective coatings also help.

It enables 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights and is a great choice for any hunters looking to increase the range of their red dot sight.



  • Magnification: 1-3X
  • Eye Relief: 3 ¼”
  • Field of View: 38.2” at 100 yards
  • Tube Size: 30mm
  • Length: 4.3”
  • Weight: 11.9oz


Customer Reviews

The VMX-3T has very positive customer feedback on Amazon where it currently holds a 4.5 star rating based on 162 reviews.

Here is an example:

“Just picked up this magnifier, installed it and I was immediately blown away at how clear and precise the image is. I have it mounted behind an Eotech 512 and it looks great. The box comes with an addition piece to add to the mount to give it a lower 1/3 coziness if that’s your thing. The mount locks in place and is really solid. Comparing the price to an Eotech or Aimpoint, this is an absolute steal.” – Benjamin L. Yang

To see more customer reviews, please click here



Overall, this is a well-constructed product that offers great value for money on Amazon at the time of writing. It provides excellent clarity and magnification and is very quick and easy to attach and detach as necessary. There are cheaper products out there but by choosing to spend a little more you will find there is a noticeable difference in the end result.

Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope Review

Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope2

Rifle scopes are really important as far as precise and sharp targeting is concerned. When it comes to good quality rifle scope, Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope is a very popular name. This scope has received high ratings from most of the consumers who have used it. But is it really that good? The review of the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope given below will help you get an objective view of this unit.


Features of the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope

This particular rifle scope comes in a one piece tube. The optics you will find in this unit are fully multi coated. The rifle scope is also parallax free. It has a high caliber rating and the dot intensity in this scope is highly adjustable. It offers four separate mounting heights for user’s convenience.

You also get a decent enough night vision mode on this rifle scope and a pretty good battery life – both in daylight vision and night vision mode.

Is Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope good enough?

As we saw above, this rifle scope comes with many features. The different elevation mount options make shooting comfortable for everyone. The lens on this scope is quite clear and bright.

The high recoil caliber rating has been tested for a 1000 rounds, and is hence very dependable. The dot intensity has ten different illumination settings. So, regardless of light conditions, you are bound to get a very good targeting experience.

Besides, the parallax free feature helps you to shoot continuously, while keeping both eyes open. This unit is highly durable and the control buttons are laid out in an easy and uniform way. The magnifier on this device is crisp and zooms 2x. Overall, we are talking about a rifle scope that truly turns out to be an excellent option at a very decent price.


Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scop


The verdict

If you are looking for a versatile red dot scope with great features, durable and with a very good value for your money, then the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope would be a great match. You will not be disappointed.

Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Level Review

vortex optics riflescope bubble level

Are you aware of the shooting phenomenon known as cant? This is when you tilt your rifle to the left or to the right. Many shooters may not even know that they have this problem. And when they do recognize it, they mistakenly think that it’s not really a big deal. Even a tilt of just a few degrees can affect your shot. Your shots will tend to impact low, and they will also veer to the side where you are canting.

Now there are several ways of correcting this problem. One way is to use a known vertical or horizontal feature and to align the cross hairs with this feature. If you are using a post, for example, then the vertical cross hair must align perfectly with the post. This is an important thing to remember, especially when using a rock or a tree for a steady support. These natural features are rarely level.

But an easier solution is to simply buy the Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Level. It’s cheap, it helps shooters keep the rifle level, and it helps bullets shoot true.



The working principle of the Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Level for 1in Riflescope Tube BL1 is easy enough to figure out. This device has a very easy to see bubble, and this can indicate whether or not you are holding your rifle level.

This particular model is compatible with the one-inch riflescope tube. (Other Vortex models are compatible with the 30 mm, 34 mm, and 35 mm tubes.)


Pros and Cons

It’s such a simple device, yet the benefits are amazing. It can really tighten up a shooter’s groups. Its placement is also very convenient, as it does not mess with adjusting or sight acquisition. All in all, for those who tend to tilt their rifles without even being aware of it, this device is a godsend.

As for the negatives, shooters have to know how to set up, adjust, and take care of the device properly. Once they know how to do all these things, then nothing could go wrong.


This is almost a “must buy” device for everyone who uses a rifle. Even those who aren’t able to use it properly are at the very least made aware every time of the importance of keeping the rifle level. Such awareness alone is worth the price of the Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Level for 1in Riflescope Tube BL1.