Aimpoint 9000sc Red Dot Sight Review

Aimpoint 9000sc

The Aimpoint 9000SCis one of the top choices of sights for deer, turkey, and wild boar hunters. This sight works great when you need a tough sight for a handgun that has a heavy recoil. The sight is a medium length that has been designed in order to use with shorter actions. It was first launched in the year 2005 and has been a favorite among hunters since that time. Read on the following review to get more info about this great red dot unit.

Aimpoint 9000sc

The 9000SC comes in a choice of 2 MOA or 4 MOA dots. It is an extremely versatile sight with a 10 position rotary that will allow you to choose the perfect brightness level for any type of hunting situation that you may be in from bright sunlight to total darkness. The long battery life of more than 50,000 hours is provided by the advanced circuit technology developed by Aimpoint.

The matte black finish or the camouflage finish is used in order to prevent reflection and also as protection for the site.



  • Ideal to use with rifles that have shorter actions, magnum handguns, and semi-automatic firearms
  • 50,000 hours operation with just one battery
  • 2 dot sizes available (2 MOA and 4 MOA)
  • 2 ring configuration will fit almost every 30 mm ring mounting system
  • Completely waterproof
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Length: 6.3 inches


Pros and Cons

There are many great things to consider about the Aimpoint 9000 SC including:

  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Field of view is unlimited
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • No laser emissions that could harm your eyes
  • Increased confidence for aiming


Some of the cons about the Aimpoint 9000 SC include:

  • Price



When it comes to purchasing a sight, you really get what you pay for. While the Aimpoint 9000 SC might cost a bit more than some of the other sights that are available, it is really worth the cost for what you get. This sight is made from an extremely durable material and will work well with several types of guns.

The sight is quick and easy to mount and will provide you with an extremely clear point of view. It has been tested to be used with some of the hardest recoiling magnum calibers of guns and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F up to 140 degrees F. This particular sight has a long design heritage for hunting in some of the roughest and toughest climates found on earth.

Burris 300232 Fastfire II Red Dot Reflex Sight with Picatinny Mount Review

Burris 300232 Fastfire II Red Dot Reflex Sight

The Burris FastFire II Red-Dot Reflex Sight can dramatically improve speed and accuracy by simplifying the act of aiming. It’s a well-made product with a lot of positive feedback, so read on to see more info about this interesting unit.


Burris 300232 Fastfire II Red Dot Reflex Sight

Features and Overview

The Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight helps to make aiming faster and more accurate for those moments that require quick reflexes and actions. It accomplishes this by ensuring that the aiming red dot and target always remain properly aligned so that you aren’t left fiddling and don’t lose any accuracy when you’re aiming in a hurry.

The Burris FastFire is a small product that mounts low and weighs very little at just 1.6 ounces. It’s also a very well-constructed piece of kit, providing great durability and being fully waterproof. In fact, this is the only product of its kind that offers full water resistance.

As you would expect from a high quality product, the lenses are high-precision ground and polished to precise geometries. Unlike cheaper alternatives, you won’t need to worry about parallax and you’ll always get the very most-clear image.

It also comes with a number of useful features and extras. It is windage/elevation adjustable and lockable and has an on/off switch and light sensor. The light sensor ensures that the dot’s brightness is always suitable for several light conditions. A plastic hood uses the light sensor to enter it into ‘sleep mode’ when not in use. It can easily mount onto nearly any rifle and special bases are available for other firearms.


Customer Reviews

The FastFire currently has a 4/5 rating on Amazon based on 68 reviews. One customer had this to say:

“This is my second fast-fire for a competitive handgun application, so obviously I like the product. It is lightweight and durable, and has a dot that is relatively easy to see in a variety of light conditions, and for its price range it is the sharpest red dot on the market.” – Charles B. Lemak

Overall, the only occasional complaint is that the adjustments can be a little tricky.



Overall, this FastFire product is one of the most advanced and high quality red-dot sights on the market thanks to its sturdy waterproof construction and pinpoint accuracy. It’s currently available for $194.99 from


Bushnell AR Optics 1x MP Illuminated Red/Green T-Dot Reticle Riflescope Review

Bushnell AR Optics 1xMP Illuminated red greenRiflescope

There is a lot to love about the Bushnell AR Optics 1x Scope. It has a ton of features and is used by sportsmen all over the world. Let’s talk about its great features first, and then you will find our review and recommendations.


Features of the Bushnell Illuminated Red/Green T-Dot Riflescope


  • This is a 32 millimeter objective lens with a 1x zoom.
  • Allows for a zoom from 1 MOA to 10 MOA with Zoom Dot technology
  • T-Dot reticle that is illuminated with red and green so you can see over any background
  • Bright lens coating in amber color
  • A housing that is completely waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • A mount already built-in for a weaver styled rail
  • Is 6.75 inches in length and weighs less than a pound.


The 1×32 scope gives you a brightly illuminated red and green T-dot reticle, which makes it extremely easy to see and also allows you to acquire your target really fast with pinpoint accuracy even in low light conditions. The Amber Bright optics built into this scope gives you perfect visual acuity to distinguish between prey and background items that are the same color. Besides, it is made by one of the greatest names in the scope industry, Bushnell, who have been making quality sportsmen products for over 50 years. This scope offers unlimited eye relief and tactical turrets so you can adjust quickly on the fly and has a blacked out finish so you are completely hidden while using it. It also has a sensor that automatically shuts the scope off when you lower your rifle.


Review of the Bushnell AR Optics 1x Scope


If you want a powerful and reliable scope on a budget, this is the way to go. There are a lot of scopes out there for this basic price range, but it is hard to find a scope of this quality without adding some serious cash.

The main reason we think it is a very scope is because it is made for the outdoors, in any sort of condition that you want to use it in. The casing is terrifically strong, and is waterproof and fogproof as well as shockproof. You can tell that just by looking at it and feeling the multiple layers of coating. It does have some discoloration at the brightest setting when using it indoors, but as you should have no reason to need the brightest setting indoors, this won’t be an issue.


Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope Review

Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope2

Rifle scopes are really important as far as precise and sharp targeting is concerned. When it comes to good quality rifle scope, Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope is a very popular name. This scope has received high ratings from most of the consumers who have used it. But is it really that good? The review of the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope given below will help you get an objective view of this unit.


Features of the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope

This particular rifle scope comes in a one piece tube. The optics you will find in this unit are fully multi coated. The rifle scope is also parallax free. It has a high caliber rating and the dot intensity in this scope is highly adjustable. It offers four separate mounting heights for user’s convenience.

You also get a decent enough night vision mode on this rifle scope and a pretty good battery life – both in daylight vision and night vision mode.

Is Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope good enough?

As we saw above, this rifle scope comes with many features. The different elevation mount options make shooting comfortable for everyone. The lens on this scope is quite clear and bright.

The high recoil caliber rating has been tested for a 1000 rounds, and is hence very dependable. The dot intensity has ten different illumination settings. So, regardless of light conditions, you are bound to get a very good targeting experience.

Besides, the parallax free feature helps you to shoot continuously, while keeping both eyes open. This unit is highly durable and the control buttons are laid out in an easy and uniform way. The magnifier on this device is crisp and zooms 2x. Overall, we are talking about a rifle scope that truly turns out to be an excellent option at a very decent price.


Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scop


The verdict

If you are looking for a versatile red dot scope with great features, durable and with a very good value for your money, then the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope would be a great match. You will not be disappointed.

Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box Review

Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box

For successful target shooting, you basically need a good shooter and also a good rifle. But, what about rifle scopes? Target shooting is about acquiring the target quickly and accurately. For this purpose, getting a scope that perfectly suits your needs is really important. The Truglo Tru-Brite Open Red-Dot Dual-Color Multi Reticle is a very solid scope and also a very well known name. This equipment has been specifically made to capture targets efficiently at a very reasonable price.

Given below is a quick review of the Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box and its benefits. We hope to help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Features of the Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box

There are a number of good features that set this particular scope aside. You get two choices of reticle color on this scope for contrast purposes. You will also get four reticle options for targeting purpose. There is a rheostat which is easily adjustable and anti reflection coating. A Weaver style mount system is also integrated. The scope is parallax free from thirty yards. The windage and elevation adjustments are customizable.

This rifle scope comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The battery works well for long periods of time without needing a change. As far as red-dot scopes are concerned, the Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box does stand apart from the rest, due to its great features and high durability.


A delight for target shooters

When talking about the pros and cons of Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box, the main point to consider is the fact that it is an amazing scope for hardcore target shooters. The options of reticle colors make easy for you to target shoot in any condition – yep, it is that versatile. The adjustable rheostat is just what you need for controlling the brightness properly. The lens also provides a very good eye relief – which is a big benefit for long term shooters. The absence of optical covers can be pointed as a con though. You get a 24 by 34 mm window on this scope. This window makes it easier to get extremely fast target acquisition – which again is a boon for target shooters. The lithium batteries work well with the entire high demand setup.


The final verdict

If you are a serious target shooter then the Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box will not disappoint you. The easy to use mechanism, ultra fast target acquisition and overall durability makes it a complete value for money option. Highly recommended.

LUCID HD7 Red Dot Sight Review (Gen III)

The LUCID HD7 Red Dot Sight is a third generation optic that offers beneficial specs and features that exceed some market standards. We will be reviewing those specs and features to see if this popular sight is right for you.

Sight Specs

This sight is a popular model of rifle scope that receives fairly high ratings in online consumer reviews.  The rifle accessory is crafted with an aluminum frame and durable rubber which marks it as a great, parralax-free co-witness in the lower 1/3 of fast target acquisition and accuracy.

Weighing in at 13 ounces, this unit has dimensions of 5.5 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches. It requires one AAA battery to function for over 1000 hours of battery life. This scope includes four selectable reticles based on 2MOA to assist with aiming. Two modes of operation exist for the reticle brightness: automatic and manual. The LUCID HD7 Red Dot Sight is a quick and simple way to get windage and elevation adjustments zeroed to the rifle it is attached to.

Lucid hd7 red dot sight2

Model Features

The LUCID HD7 is shock resistant as well as fogproof and waterproof.  An attachable 2x magnifier, 1.5x magnifier, kill flash filter, and quick detach kit are all custom made to fit this red dot sight, though sold separately. Some covers and accessories from other companies may not have the correct measurements to fit it perfectly, so be aware when shopping around.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, as is standard of LUCID products. The LUCID HD7  will attach to any picatinny rail, as it has a specific mount built in already. As the product is made in China, it is cheaper than similar items produced in America. This makes some buyers nervous, however the company that designs the optic is American, and the quality shows through, according to many reviews.

Lucid hd7 red dot sight3

The third generation sight has made base improvements from other models, proving to be fairly popular. The auto-brightness is reported to work adequately and zeroing is pretty easy. The product has been called accurate, intuitive, and durable by many owners.  The accuracy, high ratings, and customer satisfaction of owning a third generation red dot sight is available for a decent price. It is even easy to install and lasts quite a while thanks to its high battery life. Turrets respond precisely with this sight.

Need of adjustments can happen before the sight can be used to satisfaction, but rifle owners should have little to no problem with these adjustments, which are mostly personal preferences. The LUCID HD7 Red Dot Sight offers capability similar to other optics that are far more expensive. By saving money buying this product, buyers can also consider purchasing accessories to go along with this scope.

Find the Best Red Dot Sight for Your Money!

Have you been struggling to make a choice about which red dot sight to buy? Well, today we are going to talk about some of the best ones and how you can get the best red dot sight for the money.

Red dot sights are able to be used on pistols, rifles, and even shotguns. They are most recommended for being pretty close to an object to help guide you in whatever you are trying to shoot. There are many sellers out there that make great red dot sights for whatever type of gun you are using and whatever budget you have. We are going to talk about some of them and why they are a great value for your money.

red dot for the money

First, we have the Sightmark red Dots Sight Ultra Reflex Sight Dove Tail on the lower end of the budget. This red dot sight is made of aluminum and has an awesome internal locking system. The easy mounting system also allows quick attachment to whatever gun you are using. This Sightmark can be found online for under 80.00 dollars and it is a great deal for the avid hunter or the one who is just beginning.

Next, we have the Vortex Red Dot. This red dot sight offers 4 separate mounting heights, digital rear facing, and side controls so you can change the brightness, and even put it in night vision mode. The Vortex Red Dot retails for about 183.00 and has even been spotted online for 159.00 dollars and this model also has excellent customer reviews. Check our review HERE

Are there any other good models?

                Yes, for a bit more money you can purchase the Burris AR-332 Tube Tactical Prism Red Dot sight with AR-QD QUICK. This awesome red dot is very rugged but not overly bulky for your gun and it can be mounted very easily on any gun. The scope has integrated lens covers and also has a 1.5 inch sunshade. The field of view is over 32 feet and is waterproof, which is a great feature when hunting. This red dot sight retails for 349.00 dollars and comes with all you need to get started right out of the box. This model also has some excellent reviews and customer ratings. This is very important because a good red dot sight can make the different between having a good hunting trip and a lousy one.

As you can see, there are many different types of red dot sights available for you to choose. We would recommend doing some research and thinking about exactly what you are looking for. There are different prices out there and our best advice is to look online for the best deals available.

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Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Riflescope Review

Today we are going to be talking about the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Riflescope and all the great features and specs that can help you when using your gun to hit the target.

What are the specs of this scope?

                This awesome red dot rifle scope is a very reliable, 3 MOA red dot sight, with unlimited relief of your eye for all handguns and shot guns.  The scope itself is a matte in color and will match any sort of gun you may be using.  The power lens is 1X25 mm to help bring in the object, whether it is an animal or a target into crystal clear focus.

The field of view on this scope is unlimited, which can be a very important feature when selecting a red dot scope. Many other red dot scopes do not have unlimited view, in fact many have very short clear views.    The actual weight of the TRS-25 is 3.7 ounces or 106 grams and the length of this item is 2.4 inches or 61.8 mm long.

The eye relief offered is unlimited as well, which is the distance from the surface to at which the user’s eye can see at an angle. Eye relief distance can be extremely important if you wear glasses because the eye of an eyeglass can be farther away from the scope so using the red dot scope with unlimited views will help a lot.  The Bushnell logo is proudly displayed on the side of the rifle scope.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Riflescope-2

What are some great features on this scope?

                This scope offers many great features that are not available on any other red dot scopes.  First, it comes with a 3 MOA red dot sight, which means it covers a 3 inch circle to help you zoom in on the object or target.  It also features multi-coated optics, and amber-light high contrast lens coating to ensure you can use your scope under many weather conditions.  The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Riflescope is 100% waterproof, as well as 100 % fog proof, and also 100% shock proof which are very important when dealing with hunting and going through the woods.

The battery life on this scope is a very long lasting Cr2032 battery, that will ensure you will last an entire day out in the woods hunting or if you will be target practicing for long periods of time and even claims to last over 3000 hours on a single charge. This scope is ultra-compact so you can close in on targets quickly and efficiently and will not weigh your gun down at any time.  Using this scope is really easy and even the most novice hunter will have no trouble.

                As you can see, this red dot scope would be an awesome addition to anyone’s gun or rifle. You will get amazing results by using this compact, ready to use red dot scope that has awesome reviews and it retailed at an amazing price.

UTG 4.0″ ITA Red/Green Dot Sight with Riser Adaptor, QD Mount and Flip-Open Lens Caps Review

UTG 4.0 ITA Red-Green Dot Sight with Riser AdaptorThe fact that the UTG 4.0″ ITA Red/Green Dot Sight is made in China might worry some people, but the construction is great. While it’s made out of aluminum — which gives it a pleasant, lightweight feel – it’s truly a solid scope that looks and feels like it should cost a lot more. It takes a ridiculously few number of shots to get it lined up, and it holds zero no matter the circumstances.

The green setting is nice and clear even in the brightest conditions, such as direct sunlight, but the red is much better suited for low-light situations or inside of a shooting range. The brightness setting allows users to “pick their strength”, and even when the lights are at their highest intensity, they are not distracted. This scope also provides the option of using small, medium or large dots. Someone using this scope for home protection will find that the red light provides for quick target acquisition, especially when it’s dark. Some people have complained about seeing multiple dots, but this is a problem that seems to only occur with those who wear corrective lenses or who have vision problems – it’s not a defect in the product.

UTG 4.0 ITA Red-Green Dot Sight with Riser Adaptor2This scope comes with everything that is needed to get going right out of the box. Included with the scope are allen wrenches for installation and adjustments, batteries (one to use and a spare), two mounts (high and low) and flip-up lenses caps. The only parts of this scope that are plastic are the lenses caps, but they are high quality and removable.

The quick detach feature is extremely convenient; if the firearm and mounted sight won’t fit in a gun case, for example, it’s quick and easy to just pop off the sight. Best of all, in spite of how easy it is the remove when you want it off, the sight will not become loose during continued use.

The low price and country of origin might raise some eyebrows, but this thing cannot be beat. At this price, it’s definitely worth buying to test out. It can almost be guaranteed that the sight won’t be returned!