What Are Night Vision Riflescopes?

night vision scopes

A night vision riflescope is a sighting device designed with the ability to see in dark or extremely low light environments. It combines two existing technologies into one unit: the night vision device and telescopic sight. This means that besides being used to see at night, this device can also zoom in on distant targets.

night vision scopes

Night vision in the U.S was developed by William Spicer, an engineering professor from Stanford University – although the Germans had also created their own night vision devices in the mid-1930s to use on tanks and to help foot solders see at night.

This technology first came to practical use during World War II. And while night devices greatly aided soldiers in nighttime combat, the hardware itself had one major setback. These generation-0 night vision devices were quite heavy. The worst part is that they required a large power supply to be carried on the soldier’s back. However, the technology has since made huge leaps over the decades. By the time the Vietnam War started, U.S troops were outfitted with lightweight starlight scopes.

Although night scopes were initially developed for military and law enforcement usage, their use has now expanded to other areas of life. For instance, scientists, bird watchers, and even film directors make use of Night Vision Devices (NVDs) in their lines of work. One of the widest uses of night scopes, however, is nighttime hunting. These gadgets are simply a must-have for wild game hunters who wish to continue their excursions after sunset or just before dawn.

If you wish to buy a night vision riflescope, it’s important to know the proper way to use it, why it works, and how to use one.

How to Use a Night Vision Riflescope

Utilizing a night vision scope is pretty much the same as using a regular rifle scope. You just have to mount the scope properly and point it at whatever direction to spot what you want to see. Much like any other riflescope, you’ll make windage and elevation adjustments to set the night scope’s reticle on your target.

You should expect a different view when using a night vision scope since the images sent back to the scope’s lens mostly appear greenish in color. But unlike old generation NVDs, a night vision riflescope doesn’t need an IR illuminator. Instead, it relies on ambient light and uses infrared lenses that make images in the dark glow by amplifying thermal energy from animals and humans. With this type of riflescope, you can see subjects in total darkness. It also gives you an advantage because some animals simply don’t see that well in the dark. This can be a good alternative for the reticle illumination feature found on some earlier types of riflescopes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Night Scope

There are many types of night vision riflescopes on the market, and prices and features vary greatly depending on the chosen model and brand. It’s important to know what you’re paying for before settling on any particular scope.

Usually, you can buy a night vision scope as a standalone unit or use the technology on an existing riflescope by simply changing the lenses. Scopes with interchangeable lenses provide much flexibility since you can easily switch between day and nighttime mode. When choosing a night vision riflescope, it’s important to remember that these gadgets come with different magnification ratings. High-powered night scopes are best suited for long range shooting since they can magnify to a farther distance. Other scopes may be equipped with laser pointers that illuminate a red or green dot on targets, which signifies the point of bullet placement.

Keep in mind that the best night-vision scope should be within your budget range and meet your specific hunting needs. If you’re not sure of what to buy, make sure to consult a riflescope specialist for an expert recommendation.

Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope Review

Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope

If you go shooting during daytime then you will need a rifle scope after a particular distance. But when it comes to shooting at night, if you do not have a proper night vision rifle scope, shooting would be impossible. Night vision rifle scopes are specially structured to help you get a clearer vision when you are trying to fix a target in the darkness. There are several night vision scope brands out there. Yukon is one of them. The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope is a very popular unit and it has been a high selling product on numerous online websites like Amazon. In the following sections we have compiled a short review of this rifle scope.




For anyone looking to add a night vision rifle scope in their arsenal, this particular rifle scope is a really good option. It has a highly durable body, made of titanium, and a unique sleek design which easily sets it apart from other manufacturers. In fact, the design helps it to be versatile – it can be used on a large number of rifles effectively. This riflescope has a highly powerful and crisp 42mm lens. There is also a powerful Pulse infrared illuminator which is incorporated into the rifle scope. This Yukon scope has a red or green reticle, which is adjustable and the optics are multi coated.  Last but not least, the Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


The good and the bad

As you can see from the features mentioned above, the Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope is a very well equipped night vision scope. The sleek body of this unit makes it easy to operate. The extremely powerful lens helps in setting a clear target – no matter how dark it is. The built-in infrared illuminator works great and as it brightens the images, your range of shooting in the darkness increases a lot. As a result of this, the accuracy increases too, as the illuminator can effectively penetrate to long distances. The long and well designed mount of this rifle scope makes the entire process of shooting an easy and comfortable experience. There have not been significant cons reported on this particular night vision scope.


Final Verdict

When venturing in the night vision world, it is critical to have a rifle scope specially designed to be used in the dark. The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope is an extremely well built model and with its array of features, it proves to be a complete value for money. A highly recommended night vision scope.

How Night Vision Scopes Make your AR-15 Even More Effective


There are many reasons why the night vision scope for AR-15 has become something of a mandatory accessory for the AR-15, and it isn’t hard to see why. While undoubtedly an effective weapon, a night vision scope just makes it even more so. But before you buy one, you need to understand what they are and how do they work.



A night vision scope refers to any device or optical instrument that can produce an image even in low lit areas or near complete darkness. These devices are frequently used by law enforcement officers and the military but have now become available for civilians. When the term night vision scopes are used, it usually refers to the whole unit including the mounting system, waterproof housing and the image intensifier tube. Because of the way technology has evolved, night vision scopes now include telescopic lenses, IR illuminators and other special lenses.

Night scopes first came into being during World War II but were widely used in the Vietnam War. Since that time technology has improved tremendously and with the term “generations” you can distinguish the specifications of each night scope model.




How Night Vision Scopes Work

There are many kinds of night scopes used for rifles and night vision in general, and they use different technologies. The most widely used are Near-infrared Illumination, Thermal imaging and Low-Light Imaging, and they are applicable not just to the AR-15 but also to other purposes such as search and rescue, wildlife observation and night security among others.

The most widely used night vision method is image intensifying, although on-chip gain multiplication CCD cameras have gained popularity as well for surveillance and low light security. Most image intensifiers work by amplifying the available light to produce clearer vision, and this is done by using an objective lens to focus photons (light) on the image intensifier’s photocathode. What the light energy does is release the electrons in the cathode.

The electrons then go through openings inside a micro channel plate and bounce off walls that generate more electrons. The end product of all this activity is a dense electron cloud displaying the original image, but with more intensity. Not only is the image more intense, but during the final process the electrons strike a phosphor screen that causes them to glow. If you’re wondering why the night vision scope for ar-15 and others is green, that’s because human eyes can distinguish more shades in green compared to any color.

Of the many night vision options available now, on-chip gain multiplication cameras are proving to be one of the most popular because they are very sensitive even in low light. In addition, they provide high speed imaging.

But that’s not the only option available because there is also thermal imaging, which many prefer because it offers the highest amount of thermal sensitivity. Furthermore, a rifle equipped with thermal imaging will be able to detect vehicles and people from a great distance away, and your vision won’t get hampered by other light sources.

IR illumination is another type of night vision and is ideal if you want to get rid of distracting shadows and see numbers, letters and other small objects. Unlike other night vision devices, IR illumination can be used for facial identification, and it doesn’t get affected by snow, mist, rain or fog, perfect if you use your rifle in different weather conditions.

Major Brands and Common Features

There is no shortage of options if you’re looking for night vision scopes, with ATN, Armasight, Carson and Bushnell considered among the biggest brands today. Aside from offering clear night vision, today’s AR-15 rifle scopes have other special features such as greater fields of view, infrared illuminators, longer battery life and advanced reticle systems.

If you’re looking for a night vision scope for AR-15 you need to look beyond the night vision capabilities as that is already a given. Instead you should check the magnification capability, warranty, its durability and of course the price. While you don’t want to settle on anything cheap for your AR-15, there are many high quality night vision scopes available for a low price. It will also help if you do some research online and read reviews of these products and see which ones come highly recommended.

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Aimpoint Micro T-1 4 MOA Night Vision Compatible Sight Review

Aimpoint Micro T-1 4 MOA Night Vision Compatible Sight

Size and weight matter when it comes to firearms, given that the success of your aim are highly dependent on the strength and endurance of your grip. The grip, in turn, is determined primarily by the quality of the equipment you have on hand. This is exactly what they had in mind when they devised the Aimpoint Micro T-1 4 MOA Night Vision Compatible Sight, a lightweight and compact aiming system that does not compromise function in lieu of form or design.


Getting a good visual could very well be the difference between life and death, which is why it is important to make sure that you have a reliable aiming system with you in order to minimize risks. This particular model counts on unlimited field of view and eye relief, a sturdy structure which is highly adaptable to extreme conditions, a mechanical switch, which permits speed and dependability, as well as compatibility with most generations of night vision devices.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, this model also has a mount, which is hinged to the sight body, thereby enabling effective recoil absorption, minimizing damage for the device. There are also provisions for adjustment as far as windage and elevation are concerned, making it more flexible for rough terrain. Installation is easy, thanks to the protective caps, which easily fit the holes on adjustment screws. Moreover, it could be used independently or in tandem with other vision optics gadgets.


Pros and Cons:

The main advantage of this model has always been its compact exterior and its lightweight nature, which means less weight for the entire firearm as a whole. As such, precision and accuracy are not sabotaged by too much unnecessary weight.

As for the drawbacks, there are not so many, and its only known defect so far is how the battery cover tends to loosen up due to the tension, although this could easily be remedied by tightening the bolts again.


The Aimpoint Micro T-1 4 MOA Night Vision Compatible Sight is the perfect companion for your firearm, if you want to be able to retain accuracy and precision through the help of a visual aid that does not weigh too much, and which gives you a better grasp, not just of the equipment, but also of the situation at hand through the powerful visuals you see.