NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope Review

NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope

For the hunting enthusiast, a rifle scope is necessary equipment. In order to successfully hit your target, you need to have a precise view of it, which is often difficult with naked eyes – no matter how strong your vision might be. In such times, you would need a good rifle scope to help you out in fixing your eyes on the target and shoot better. Gone are the days when you would have to go from shop to shop to buy a decent rifle scope. Today, rifle scopes can be easily bought online from trusted websites. But the collection is so huge that making a choice becomes difficult. If you are looking for a decent priced and effective rifle scope then NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope is a good option for you.

Good features for the price

When you buy a rifle scope, your primary concern should be if the features you get are worth your money or not. The NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope is equipped with all the right and necessary features. The QR lever on this rifle scope is more compact – hence it can be maneuvered easily. You get a locking quick release mount on this particular scope plus, it comes with dual illuminate reticle. The reticles are in blue and green. If you are worried about the right level of brightness here then don’t worry. The reticles come with multiple brightness settings for each of the two colors – so, you can be sure your experience will be smooth. On this scope, the height of the BDC turret is lower too.

Improved features added

Along with its usual features, there have been some improvements on the NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope. A new addition is the blue illumination. This was not there in the previous model. Along with that, there also has been a brand new development in the scope centerline height. This height has been effectively raised to AR 15 11/2” of the scope overall height. This has been a welcome improvement for the habitual users of this unit. It makes the entire set up a lot more precise and productive.

Good for short rage shooting

The NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope has a number of satisfied customers vying for its efficacy. This is because, for its price, this rifle scope delivers well. The targeting is pretty accurate and adjusting the elevation of the scope is now easier too. You can get the best price for it on Amazon. Users have rated this rifle scope higher than many other similar ranged but high priced alternatives. If you have been looking for a rifle scope for short range hunting and targeting then NcStar 3-9X 42mm Mark III Tactical Series Rifle Scope is the most recommended option for you. Rest assured, with this rifle scope you will get a good value for your money.

NcSTAR® 4×32 mm Mark III Illuminated Reticle Tactical Scope Weaver / Picatinny Mount Review

B001COS3IYAs you read through the reviews (well, perhaps not all of them, you will be pretty sold just with the first page of reviews!) you will be almost overwhelmed by the positive feedback the NcSTAR® 4×32 mm Mark III Illuminated Reticle Tactical Scope Weaver / Picatinny Mount has received, and people have been buying this scope for years and are still impressed! If you are looking for a decently priced scope and want to start to get some good practice in, then you are looking at the right place!

It is probably that most of you are like me and can’t afford the high-end scopes out there (I mean, we gotta drop a huge amount on the gun alone!) Paying for the extra awesomeness that you can play with can get a little too up there. You will be very happy about the price, and honestly do not let your expectations to be lowered. In fact, they will be exceeded with how well it actually works. You can get a good 100 yards through this lens, that’ll give you some good shooting practice (or range if you’re hunting).

Mounting it is pretty easy to do, very quick and very painless. Nothing seems to have come lose or anything like that. I really like the quick release feature; you can get that baby on and off in 5 seconds, really it has to be 5 seconds. You will be also impressed with the multi-colored cross hairs; they make a difference between shooting somewhere dense and colored and somewhere completely open and void of distraction like that.

You could be in a moving vehicle and the cross hairs would probably still be super beneficial. The eye relief for me is at about 1.75”, but that can always vary per person, just be sure to find what’s comfortable for you.

Overall, you will become a fan of this scope. If you’re on a budget I would definitely recommend it. It may be limited to what it can do, but if you’re needing a good practicing scope, this is definitely a good one to try out.