Review: Mueller AO Eraticator Rifle Scope

The Mueller AO Eraticator Rifle Scope is one product where a low price tag doesn’t necessarily equate to poor quality. Although this scope is close to the bottom end of the price range of scopes with its level of magnification, it offers features that are similar or even superior to those found in scopes that cost twice its asking price. So, what makes the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope such a good buy? Well, the following review will shed light on some of the reasons why.

Uses What Is Arguably the Most Innovative Reticle Ever Developed
One of the best features of the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope is its micro-fine cross hair reticle. Illuminated reticles don’t come any smaller than what you’ll find with this scope. Offering what is arguably the most innovative long-range dot scopes, the dot in this Mueller scope covers less than 1-inch at a distance of 200 yards. The micro-fine cross hair, on the other hand, ensures the hairs do not cover your targets when you’re long-range hunting.

Reticle Can Be Adjusted to Suit Hunting Conditions
During normal daylight conditions, the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope’s reticle has a standard black microdot centered in its micro-fine cross hair. This dot helps you to spot your targets. When hunting dark targets or in low light, the dot can be illuminated to red to help make it easier for you to see your targets.

Offers Outstanding Brightness
Another superior feature of the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope is its high quality lens. This multi-coated camera quality crystal lens gives the scope outstanding clarity and brightness. The best part is that the brightness can be adjusted to suit both your preference and particular hunting needs thanks to the 11-dot reticle brightness intensity setting.

Gives You a Wide Range of Magnification
Although the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope was designed for long-distance shots on small targets, it’s also ideal when shooting at large game. This is thanks to its amazing 8.5x to 25x variable magnification power. Basically, a 3 to 9x magnification is more than enough for hunting deer-sized game from as far as 200 meters. So, it goes without saying that the magnification of this scope is pretty powerful and will give you more freedom in your hunting endeavors.

Aside from enabling long-range hunting, the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope’s magnification also enables you to adjust the magnification to suit your surroundings. For instance, when hunting in thick cover, you can crank down the magnification power to have a better view.

• Built with a waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof housing
• Has a long battery life
• Features a 3” eye relief
• Offers a 50 mm diameter lens which pulls in plenty of light even in dim conditions
• Has finger-friendly turret dials for elevation and windage adjustments

• Loses brightness as the magnification is increased
• It can be slightly hard to twist the illuminated cross hair dial

What’s In the Box?
• The AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope
• Instruction manual

Consumer Ratings
With an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope is quite popular on Amazon. Most of the reviewers are satisfied with functionality and quality of the scope and love it for its magnification power, the functionality of the center dot, and the convenience in which adjustments can be made.

Featuring ample eye relief, great magnification, one of the best reticle and lenses in the market, excellent clarity and brightness, and a pocket friendly price, the AO Eraticator Mueller Rifle Scope offers you everything you could possibly want in a scope. So, you could spend a significant amount of money on a high-end scope from a well-known brand, or you could go for the outstanding features of the Mueller AO Eraticator at one of the lowest prices in the market. Considering the great value for money that the AO Mueller Eraticator Rifle Scope offers, it’s arguably the better option.

Mueller AO Eraticator Rifle Scope, Silver, 8.5-25 x 50mm
List Price: $259.95
Price: $248.06
You Save: $11.89
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Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope Review

Mueller Speed Shot Scope

The Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope is one of the best short to medium range scopes on the market and the price can’t be beat for the quality that you get. One of the big selling points of this scope is that it has an etched reticle instead of one powered by batteries, so you aren’t going to lose the use of your scope at a critical moment, such as in the middle of a competition or right at the moment when your prey darts into view.

This new speed shot scope features a terrific illumination system with eleven brightness settings that is designed to be seen even during daylight hours, which you can decide to use or not and there is very little tube glow. The field of view is very wide through this scope and the combined features that you get for the price is actually quite impressive, considering that similar scopes sell for 3-4 times the cost of this optic.


It is perfectly named because it has been designed for speed shots where you need to have the scope up to your eye and shoot a fast-moving target, or shoot very quickly at a slow moving target such as for bear hunting. Besides bear hunting, this scope is perfect for close-range squirrel hunting, turkeys and hogs, or really any fast moving, medium to close range prey.


The disadvantages of this scope include the fact that it is quite heavy, just over 17 ounces, and when you don’t use the illumination, you have a really hard time seeing the dot on black objects – because the dot is itself black.

Here are the specifications of the Mueller Speed Shot Scope.


  • Click Adjustment
  • Turret Exposure: No Exposure
  • Adjustment Value: ½ MOA
  • Tube Diameter: 30 millimeters
  • Turret Height: Medium
  • Turret Adjustments: Finger Adjustable
  • Warranty Provided: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Power Range: 1 to 4 X
  • Reticle Type: Glass Etched
  • Reticle Size: 4 MOA (dot)
  • Battery Required: CR2032 (Illumination mode)
  • Matt Finish
  • Objective Diameter: 30 millimeters
  • Ocular Diameter: 45 millimeters
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 inches
  • Included Rings: No
  • Included Sunshade: No
  • Lens Cover: Included