EoTech G33.STS.BLK G33 Switch to Side Mount Magnifier Review (Black Finish)

EoTech BLK G33

The EoTech BLK G33 with its switch to side magnifier is lighter and shorter than its predecessor, the G23. This magnifier tenders an innovative and enhanced mount, offering a quick transition between 3X and 1X. It also hosts an azimuth tweaking system that is tool-free, a superior field of view, as well as a modifiable diopter for enhanced focus.

Few people can understand its popularity, but the mention of the following features will sure give potential buyers an idea of why the EoTech G33.STS.BLK G33 would be such a great buy.

Features of the EoTech G33.STS.BLK G33 Magnifier

Besides its magnificent black finish, this magnifier has the ability to switch from CQB targeting to medium range targeting in a split second. It offers 2.2 inch eye-relief with elevation and windage alterations which can be easily executed by hand, and a field of view range of 7.3 degrees. The slap to side mount is extremely durable and activates with the simple slap of a hand. It also hosts a locking and quick-detach lever which allows for easy attachment or removal of the mount and optic.

While the EoTech G33 Magnifier may not seem like much, it truly makes a big difference to your overall experience. Not only does it enlarge the size of the EoTech Reticle, but also refines it effectively. On its own, the EoTech Reticle may seem ordinary, but with the addition of the G33 you will have an awesome unit.


Pros and Cons

The magnifier does not add a lot of weight and the switch to side mount function can be performed for long periods on end without causing damage to the unit. With the unit in place, no added fluctuations will be experienced. When it is compared to similar items advertised at a higher price, this little powerhouse with its enhanced optics will outrank them all. Its quick-release system is also very effective as it allows for the instant removal of its sight when necessary.

Of course, there are some negatives to the product. Its short eye-relief feature means that the user will have to lean in very close to achieve the appropriate field of view. Due to this, it puts the user in a less favorable condition in order to achieve the best possible shooting position.


While it has its minor flaws, the magnifier is well-manufactured and extremely sturdy. Those who enjoy high quality options will find this magnifier with its military-grade hardware and exceptional optics to be a must-have accessory.

Aimpoint 3XMag Magnifying Module Review

Aimpoint 3XMag Magnifying Module

Sometimes, it is not enough to just have a good aiming system; you will also have to count on a reliable magnifying module for maximum flexibility in the field. Aiming from a long range could be rather tricky, but a magnifying module, such as the Aimpoint 3XMag Magnifying Module ensures that you would not have such problems, as long as you know how to use this particular gadget properly.


This model benefits from a variety of features, which make it stand out from the rest. For one, its compatibility with Aimpoint sights means installation is as easy as relying on a well-designed mounting solution that can further be mounted with a 30mm ring. The unit can also be used as a handheld magnifying glass monocular. Quick switching between modes, such as close quarter and long distance use, is also available.

As far as optical data is concerned, this specific model counts on 3x magnification and seven degree field of view, as well as a 7mm exit pupil diameter. When it comes to harsher environments, this equipment could resist up to 67 feet of water, as well as extremes of -50 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pros & Cons:

One great positive aspect of this model is its compatibility with other items from the Aimpoint product line. Such flexibility offers easy access to complementary gadgets, which could greatly improve your performance. Aside from this, there has been unanimous praise for the design and durability of this product, thanks to the rubber outer coating, which not only protects the gear, but also enhances the client’s grip.

Disadvantages are few and far in between, with several of them mostly geared toward the rather hefty price tag. While this model is known to be a bit more expensive, such generalization is actually disregarded by happy customers, who would like to prove otherwise.


Aimpoint 3XMag Magnifying Module1



A magnifying module is quite an important component of every aiming system out there. In addition to the powerful visuals offered by the Aimpoint 3XMag Magnifying Module, you also get to benefit from the clear resolution and imagery that it offers, which will help in terms of enhanced performance and accuracy. Purchasing one would prove to be a good investment, especially in today’s world, where gadgets are getting more and more expensive as they improve. This one, however, adheres well to industry standards and is definitely worth considering.