Laser Sights: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide for AR 15 Laser Sights

best ar 15 laser sight

Before you buy an AR 15 laser sight you need to understand some basic facts so you’ll make a more informed decision. Laser sights and scopes are very similar as they both use straight lines of light for targeting objects. There are different kinds available but basically all you’re required to do is aim a green or red dot on your target and start shooting.

Top 5 Best Laser Sights for AR 15

Brand & ModelOur RatingPrice & Reviews

Streamlight 69261 TLR-2 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light with Red Laser
Streamlight 69261 TLR-2 Rail-Mounted
Tactical Light with Red Laser
4.9 out of 5 stars
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Ozark Armament - 5mw 532nm High Powered Tactical Green Laser
Ozark Armament - 5mw 532nm High Powered Tactical Green Laser4.6 out of 5 stars
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Streamlight TLR-4 Tac Light with Laser
Streamlight TLR-4
Tac Light with Laser
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Vector Optics Viper Wolf IR <br />
Laser Combo Sight for Night Vision
Vector Optics Viper Wolf IR
Laser Combo Sight for Night Vision
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Truglo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser
Truglo Micro-Tac
Tactical Micro Laser
4 out of 5 stars
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→ Types of Laser Sights

As mentioned there are many kinds of laser scopes but the following are the most widely used and the most practical for the AR-15:


Real Laser Sight

This replaces your rifle’s rear sight with a laser that goes along the barrel’s topmost part. With real lasers you have the option of using assisted or manual scopes.

Laser Grip

The laser grip is the most advanced scope today and comes with a pressure sensor integrated in the gun’s grip, activating the laser when touched. One of the reasons why this has became so popular is that it reduces the risk of being detected at night.

Rail Mount Laser

This is by far the most affordable option and not a bad one either. With a rail mount laser, the scope is clipped to the rail using your firearm’s frame, allowing the sight to keep its pinpoint precision even if there is recoil. While effective, the biggest drawback with rail mount lasers is that it doesn’t work very well in a low light environment.

Guide Rod Laser

A guide rod laser is built into the gun, so there’s no risk of the scope accidentally coming off or getting out of alignment. Because the laser is placed very near the barrel, the guide rod is considered by many to be the most accurate scope available.

→ Consistency

You also need to consider the consistency of the laser beams, and they generally take two forms: pulsating and constant. Constant beams are the most ideal if you are going to use a real laser light scope because with a constant consistency the laser will always be on.

A pulsating laser on the other hand, is sometimes harder to spot for animals but easier for people, and it is a lot like a strobe light. For this type of AR 15 laser lights to work properly, the light needs to remain twice as long compared to the time it is off.

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→ Red or Green Laser Beams

The difference here is more than just the color because each one has a different set of wavelengths, strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered.

Red lasers are the most widely used, the most popular and is considered the traditional choice. Even though they are cheap to produce, they are very durable and can work in hot and cold conditions. Usually the range is between 20 to 50 yards, although this can vary depending on the product. To this day red lasers are used by law enforcement officers in the US, a testament to their quality.

Green lasers represent the latest technology and they are easier to use in the daytime compared to red. Also, green lasers have a visibility range of more than 100 yards so it is perfect for use with a rifle. However, green lasers are expensive so they’re not as practical as red lasers.


→ IR Laser Sights

IR laser sights represent the highest quality of lasers and are most suited to use with night vision devices. IR laser sights are also distinguished by many features other scopes just don’t have. Among the many advantages they offer are: clear targeting even in low light environments, it allows you to shoot without being seen, infrared light is also very hard to detect unless you are using one as well. (when used indoors a supplemental light is needed for it to work though)


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UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser Review

UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser

Finding a decent tactical laser equipped flashlight to suit your needs can be quite a problem due to the fairly limited options available. It is a good thing that there has been a surge of viable options recently, one of them being UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser, which has attracted mixed reviews, but still serves its purpose as a dependable add-on for your handgun, for whatever purposes it may serve. What features make it stand out from the rest? Let’s find out.



In terms of features, this particular model has made it a point to offer something at par with what is already out in the market. Some of these features are listed below:

→ 2-in-1 tactical CREE Q5 LED flashlight and laser light;

→ Integrated clamp-on mounting deck;

→ Aluminum finish flashlight, 6-volts, 150-lumen light output;

→ 80cm 3R laser beam at 10m, 500m range;

→ CR123A lithium batteries provide 2 hours of battery life.



Such specifications would be enough to guarantee a good buy, and most of the praises this specific model has received have something to do with its state of the art features which enable enhanced performance. Here are some of them:

 Ambi-push button switch, along with two pressure switches;

 Adjustable red laser combo;

 Rubber O-ring sealers translate to enhanced durability;

 Compatibility with most models through easy lockdown;

 Bright flashlight could light up an entire dark room.

UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser 2


There will always be disadvantages, though, and this specific model is not an exemption. Most of the complaints raised have been related to customer service or shipping dilemmas, although there have also been some negative feedback related to performance, some of which are highlighted below:

χ Poor reaction to recoil due to non-sturdy support;

χ Questionable flashlight durability in relation to actual shots fired, still recoil related;

χ Laser failing to work after just a few days of use.



In summation, you might be able to find another viable alternative which may be a bit more costly but could withstand recoil related pressures which should be of primary consideration for products like this. Not to mention how a handgun or a pistol would not really pack in that much pressure. However, the UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser is still worth considering thanks to its rather affordable price tag. If you’re looking for an affordable tactical LED flashlight, this one is a good choice.


Streamlight 69120 TLR-2 C4 LED with Laser Sight Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight Review (Black)

Streamlight 69120 TLR-2 C4 LED with Laser

When it comes to tactical gun equipment and add-ons, Streamlight has been a reliable source of a wide range of products, with their very own version of Laser Sight Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight as the latest addition to their offerings. Packed with added features that are sure to tickle your fancy, this new generation flashlight will prove to be useful during your hunting adventures in the dark. Nonetheless, it is still worth evaluating whether this product lives up to the hype or if it’s just all buzz.



Streamlight did not hold back when it comes to add-on features, as if challenging the existing products in the market. Here are some of features which make this model stand out from the rest:


→ Long range targeting care of installed laser;

→ 10-year storage life powered by  CR123 lithium batteries;

→ Secure side mounting via Glock style rails;

→ Light bearing holster compatible;

→ Remote switch access add-on capability;

→ Black anodized finish; machine aluminum sealed;

→ 2.5 hour runtime; 48 hours laser only;

→ 12,000 candela peak maximum beam intensity;

→ Powered by C4 LED technology which renders it shock-proof.



With such state of the art features packed in one product, one could expect a lot of positive feedback as far as performance is concerned. Here are some of the noteworthy features which deserve all the raves this specific model has been getting lately:


 Ease of use in terms of installation;

 Three-position switch for swift mode changes;

 Enhanced accuracy in the dark;

 Enhanced compatibility with rail attachments.


With such high tech features, one would think that this model would be devoid of any negative feedback, and this is true to some extent as far as functionality is concerned. Aside from the relatively more expensive price tag attached to its name, there have also been some complaints regarding the light itself, with some issue being raised on its durability. There have been reports of lights, as well as lasers, failing, although these could easily be dismissed as factory defects.



Streamlight’s decision to market its new 69120 TLR-2 C4 LED model as a laser-sight rail mounted weapon flashlight paid off given the rather overwhelming positive feedback. In terms of performance and design, the Laser Sight Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight without doubt will make every handgun owner out there happy.