SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope Review

SigTac is a reputable brand (Sig Sauer Company) that offers rifle scopes of every range and feature. This does not mean you will have to burn a hole in your wallet in order to buy one of these, of course not. The SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope is an interesting and affordable option for those who want to get a high quality scope. If you are a shooting enthusiast and so you think that rifle scopes are a must, see below our quick review of the SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope and find out if it fits your needs or not.

Main Features

The name SigTac itself is synonymous with amazing quality and great features. The build of this product is very solid, as all SigTac products are built. The quality of the material used is sturdy. The rifle scope comes with very good windage and elevations adjustments. This unit has two modes, green and red. Each of the modes has five different brightness settings. This definitely sets it apart from many other scopes of its range.  Besides, this scope has three reticle modes. The illuminated ones are green and red, as stated above. And there is a non illuminated one, which is black. The rifle scope also features a nice and durable lens. Finally, this rifle scope is quite easy to acquire, as it is available on numerous online websites.


The pros and cons

The SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope is heavier on pros than cons. It is a compact rifle scope – so carrying it around and using it is easier. The elevation adjustments work really well. So you can have comfortable shooting experience for long periods of time. The lens on this rifle scope is excellent. It is quite clear and crisp – for a lens of this price range. It has color optics that come in useful indoors. But they are not very useful outdoors. The five brightness levels in the modes make it easier to view targets. The magnification and the illumination provided is excellent too. The target acquisition with this lens is extremely crisp and quick. You definitely will not be disappointed.


The final veredict

The SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope comes at a price range of well below $200. At this price, you are getting a unit with amazing features and also the quality tag of Sig Sauer. The targets are well acquired and illuminated. The elevations make shooting comfortable and the rifle scope itself is durable enough to sustain ample usage. Overall, an interesting option if you are looking for something with a great value for your money.

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