Nikon P-Series Mount Review

While many rings and mounting equipment have come and gone, Nikon has been offering a high-quality line of mounts for the best customer experience. With the arrival of the Nikon P-Series mount, their range of quality products has expanded even more.

This 2-piece design mount allows proper mounting height and proper fore-aft positioning for proper shooting technique with comfortable eye relief.



In terms of features, the Nikon P-Series benefits from enhancements with regards to the following:

→ 2-piece reversible design; compact scopes;

→ Compatibility with flattop Picatinny rails;

→ Proper mounting height adjustments;

→ Fore-aft positioning is convenient for better ocular functionality;



The Nikon P-Series Mount has proven to be an excellent choice thanks to its affordable price and enhanced functions for a better overall experience. Here are some of the positive aspects of this model:

√ Perfect compatibility with AR Platform rifles in terms of height;

 Solid mount means enhanced capability in holding zero;

 Tight lock up for non-shaky hold;

 Easy installation and use for novice and experienced user alike;

 Lightweight and highly-compatible with carbines;



Most of the complaints raised by buyers have something to do with either post-purchase customer service or shipping methods, instead of the product’s actual performance. There have also been some issues regarding the not so affordable price. Among the issues raised in terms of functionality and design, you may find:

χ Imperfect metal finish;

χ Compatibility issues due to slide-on nature of the device;


The Nikon P-Series Mount is an interesting choice for those who need a reliable mount for their optics. The not so many negative reviews are overpowered by the praises and appreciation it has garnered so far, and could perhaps be treated as isolated cases which do not really say anything regarding the product’s quality. Ease of use and installation have been lauded as this specific model’s strong points, while its lightweight metal finish has been the subject of some debates regarding compatibility as well as durability. Overall, the Nikon P-series mount is definitely worth considering.

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