Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine Review

Well, before looking for info about the Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine perhaps you didn’t know Nikon had any products for firearms. As Nikon has great products outside “scopes”, of course I wanted to see more when I saw this one. Most customers that have had this for a while now have gotten at least 300-400 rounds out of it and they have seen what this baby can do. I’ll say right off hand, you will be impressed with it!

Mounting this scope is very easy and quick; it will seat straight and upright, which is so welcomed– (other scopes are refused to sit straight for some reason). You will be happy with the wide field of view and depth of range provided when using this scope. The vision is so clear, it really is such a vast improvement from using the naked eye (at any range up to 200 yards). Your precision will probably increase greatly if you get this scope.

I like the little clicks that the turrets make as you make adjustments, it’s like a little reminder that you’ve made a change to your view, it’s something small, but I appreciate it. The turrets, well the whole scope, are built very well, and can withstand a little rugged handling.

The scope zeroes especially well, and once you’re there you can maintain that through a few hundred rounds, at least! It has been tried out on moving targets and in moving vehicles, and it is awesome. It just somehow makes it easier! You will improve your range from 100 to 450 yards, shooting with much more accuracy.

I would absolutely recommend this scope for any enthusiastic gunman out there. Nikon is an exceptional company, and they have created an awesome scope here. If you are struggling with some of the ballistics or technicalities, you can always download the app that goes along with this scope. It explains everything!


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