Nikon Monarch 3 Scope Review

When looking for quality in a riflescope, the Nikon Monarch 3 scope is a great model to consider. It offers excellent light transmission, superb scope technology, and a collection of amazing features that allow you to hunt effortlessly in both medium and long distance ranges. So, take a few minutes to read the following review to get the full details about this telescopic sight and learn what makes it such a great buy.

Eye Box Technology
Like scopes from the Monarch series, the Nikon Monarch 3 features what is known as “Eye Box Technology”. This function delivers 4X power magnification and a constant 4-inch eye relief. Therefore, you can adjust the scope to suit your hunting distance and avoid smashing your eyebrow against the ocular lens under recoil.

Ultra-Clear Coat
When it comes to clarity, this scope performs exceptionally well. It not only delivers crystal clear views all the way to the edge of the sight picture but it also keeps images very close to their real color.

This clarity remains intact even during poor light conditions. This is all thanks to an ultra-clear coat, which improves the brightness of the scope by boosting light transmission up to 95%. Consequently, you can hunt easily during the early and even in low light conditions.

Flip Up Covers
Another thumb up feature for the Nikon Monarch 3 Scope is the inclusion of flip up covers on the objective and ocular lenses. These covers do what they’re supposed to excellently. They close securely to protect lenses while the scope is under storage and flip up effortlessly with a single finger when you want to put the scope to use.


  • Flip up scope covers
  • Cleaning cloth


  • Compatible with Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic match technology
  • The scope can be mounted onto any type of rifle thanks to enhanced mount ring spacing
  • The inclusion of a quick focus eyepiece allows you to snap the scope into focus instantly
  • All moving parts of the scope are of good quality
  • Shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof
  • Images remain clear and crisp even on higher magnification powers


  • At just over 15 inches in length, the design of the scope is not as compact as those of other models

Consumer Ratings
With quite a high overall rating from past purchasers on many eCommerce sites, it seems that many users of the Nikon Monarch 3 scope agree that it’s one of the best scopes in its price range. Buyers praise everything about the scope – from its excellent design to the quality of the optics, it appears that most people are pleased with their purchase.

The only available complaints are from a few users who claim that the magnification adjustment ring is stiff, and others who mentioned that the distance ranges are not marked correctly.

There’s a lot to like about the Nikon Monarch 3 scope. This includes a generous eye relief, wide magnification range, huge ocular lens, wide field of view, bright and clear glass, and even a rugged construction that can handle tough hunting conditions. Overall, this scope offers great value for its asking price. So, if the features on offer match your needs, this might just be the riflescope for you.

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