Gear Review: Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope

Gear Review: If you’re a serious hunter in search of a dependable scope, the 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope from Leupoldmight be the perfect match for you. Specially designed for the hardcore hunters, all features of this scope revolve around a hunter’s needs. Here’s a quick review of this unit to help you make an informed decision.

Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope

Fast Focus Eyepiece
The Leopold 114933 VX-HOG scope ensures you can turn any second you spend in the woods into that magical moment where you knock down your target. This is thanks to a lockable fast focus eyepiece that allows you to bring your targets into sharp focus in an instant.

This fast focus feature is also backed up by a generous eye box of 96-107mm, depending on the magnification setting. This eye box not only protects your eyes from injury but allows you to maintain a clear view of your game at all magnification levels for fast target acquisition.


Ballistic Aiming System
Accurate long-distance shooting is a difficult skill to master with only the most proficient and experienced of hunters managing to get it right. Leupold’s 114933 VX-HOG riflescope, however, takes away all the guesswork of long-distance shooting through a Ballistic Aiming System (BAS) that allows you to become an expert long-range shooter in no time. The BAS system is comprised of 5 specialized reticles that take into account all the variables concerned with accurate, long-range shooting to ensure dead on shots from distances as far as 300 yards away.


Finger Click Adjustments
Further ensuring you’ll get to make accurate long-range shots are the adjustable micro-friction knobs calibrated in 1/4 MOA increments. These finger click adjustments allow you to make ideal elevation and windage adjustments for accurate shots over long distances and during extreme conditions.


  • Features lead-free lenses which deliver better optical clarity
  • Has a robust construction that is absolutely waterproof and resistant to nicks, scratches, and abrasions
  • Lenses deliver optimal clarity, brightness, and contrast in all light conditions thanks to a multicoated lens system
  • Offers up to 4X magnification
  • Comes with a full lifetime guarantee


  • A few users find the scope’s thick cross hairs to be a little inconvenient. This complaint, however, is a matter of personal opinion as some users have found the cross hairs to be helpful when trying to quickly get on target.

Consumer Ratings
The 114933 comes highly recommended by its actual users who are more than pleased with its functionality. The only available complaint is that the scope’s thick crosshairs get in the way during hunting. But, all in all, this riflescope makes a good buy and comes with a pocket-friendly price.


For its asking price, Leupold’s 114933 VX-HOG rifle scope is well worth a serious consideration. It makes hitting long distance targets a nearly effortless experience, protects against accelerated wear, provides crisp clear view of your game, enables easy and quick adjustments, and allows you to hunt in all light conditions. These features are truly everything you’ll need to enjoy successful hunts.

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