How To Choose The Best Spotlight For Coyote Hunting

Although coyotes can be hunted during the day or night, most people prefer hunting these animals when darkness sets. It’s not just the thrill of nighttime hunting that draws folks out when half the world has gone to sleep. Sure, it can be exciting to be out on the range stalking a coyote when the night is young and predators have come out to play. But apart from the fear factor of the night, what’s really interesting, though, is the challenges that nighttime hunting presents.

For instance, you’ll need good night-vision gear to help you see at night since there’s lesser visibility when the sun isn’t shining. Furthermore, you’ll need to know the right coyote hunting calls, when to be still and remain silent (coyotes have fantastic hearing abilities and can pinpoint your exact location if you make the slightest inappropriate sound), and you definitely need a sturdy long range rifle that’s guaranteed to be on target the first time round. You don’t want to cause a huge ruckus by firing off your rifle, have your target run away, and then be left with nothing to hunt since every coyote and nocturnal creature would have gone into hiding by then.

To help you better your odds, here are some tips to help you get the best spotlight for coyote hunting.

Understanding Why a Spotlight Is Important for Coyote Hunting
If you’ve never gone coyote hunting at night, you may not realize how important a good spotlight is for tracking these nocturnal animals. Once the sun goes down, coyotes come out of their dens to hunt, eat, breed, and are less wary of what’s going on around them. When you sneak up on a coyote with a spotlight, their eyes will reflect light from the spotlight and give them away.

Choose Between a 12-Volt or Rechargeable Power Supply Spotlight – Or Use Both
When you’re shopping for a spotlight for coyote hunting, one of the choices you’ll need to make is whether to go for a 12-volt spotlight or rechargeable power supply spotlight. A 12-volt spotlight can be operated from a vehicle using a cigarette plug adapter. On the other hand, a rechargeable power supply spotlight will allow you to carry the spotlight with you, which means that you can use it to hunt on foot.

The type of spotlight you choose is completely up to you and based solely on preference. However, it’s important to note that a 12-volt spotlight makes a great option for large parties. In this situation, you’d be able to use the spotlight from an ATV while other members of the party can search for coyotes by foot.

Coyote Spotlight Must-Haves
Whether you’ve chosen a 12-volt or rechargeable power spotlight, your spotlight needs to come with a few specific features to make it suitable for nighttime hunting. Firstly, you’ll want a light that has a controlled spread to allow you to illuminate areas in detail. Next, you’ll want something that offers flood light options. Flood lights are ideal for scanning wooded areas and fields. But more importantly, with a flood light, a coyote’s eyes will reflect and allow you to quickly locate the pack you’re hunting. Lastly, you’ll want to choose a spotlight that has a dial that allows you to direct the beam. By directing the beam of the spotlight, you can better scout your surroundings. Making sure you correctly identify the animal whose eyes are reflecting in the dark is important – you don’t want to end up bringing home a dead python.

So, take your hunts to the next level when you choose the best spotlight for coyote hunting. By adding the right spotlight to your hunting gear, you’re guaranteed to bag a few coyotes during fur season and any other night of the year. However, before heading out to the woods to hunt these creatures, you need to make sure that coyote hunting is legal in your state.

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