Flip Up Front and Rear Back up Iron Sight Review

While it’s easy to find a top of the line back up iron sights that cost a lot of money, it’s not always that easy to justify such an expense. That’s especially true when all the shooting you do is at the range and your primary sights are very dependable. Another reason for hesitating to buy expensive back up iron sights is that often you can find sights that don’t cost nearly as much yet they perform decently. Such is the case with the Flip Up Front and Rear Back up Iron Sight from Field Sport.



These sights emulate the style of the Mangonel front and rear flip up sights. They are made from 6061 aircraft aluminum with a level 3 hard anodized finish. The aluminum body is also heat treated.

These sights come with a flip and down feature, and that enables the use of optics. The front sight A2 post can be adjusted for elevation and it comes in two different height levels. The rear sight can also be adjusted for the wind.


Pros and Cons

Aside from the low price, there are lots of good things to be said about the Flip Up Front and Rear Back up Iron Sight. In general, these sights are firm and they lock down in place. Sometimes, though, a bit of an adjustment may have to be made. Popping up the sight is easy, and they can hold zero very well.

But with that price, you may have to expect some disparity about the quality. In other words, it may be a crap shoot when it comes to what you would be actually receiving. Some units may work flawlessly, while a few others may not. Some reports have surfaced about either the front or the rear sight being wobbly, for example, although not to such a degree as to make the sight worthless.

Another “problem” is that these sights aren’t going to win any beauty contests. With that kind of price, the focus was obviously (and quite rightly) on the functionality and not on the aesthetics.

Flip Up Front and Rear Back up Iron Sight2



For backup sights, the Flip Up Front and Rear Back up Iron Sight isn’t too bad. That’s especially true when you consider just how cheap it is. These sights function as well as they ought to for the most part, and in the end that’s what really matters.




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