UTG 4.0″ ITA Red/Green Dot Sight with Riser Adaptor, QD Mount and Flip-Open Lens Caps Review

UTG 4.0 ITA Red-Green Dot Sight with Riser AdaptorThe fact that the UTG 4.0″ ITA Red/Green Dot Sight is made in China might worry some people, but the construction is great. While it’s made out of aluminum — which gives it a pleasant, lightweight feel – it’s truly a solid scope that looks and feels like it should cost a lot more. It takes a ridiculously few number of shots to get it lined up, and it holds zero no matter the circumstances.

The green setting is nice and clear even in the brightest conditions, such as direct sunlight, but the red is much better suited for low-light situations or inside of a shooting range. The brightness setting allows users to “pick their strength”, and even when the lights are at their highest intensity, they are not distracted. This scope also provides the option of using small, medium or large dots. Someone using this scope for home protection will find that the red light provides for quick target acquisition, especially when it’s dark. Some people have complained about seeing multiple dots, but this is a problem that seems to only occur with those who wear corrective lenses or who have vision problems – it’s not a defect in the product.

UTG 4.0 ITA Red-Green Dot Sight with Riser Adaptor2This scope comes with everything that is needed to get going right out of the box. Included with the scope are allen wrenches for installation and adjustments, batteries (one to use and a spare), two mounts (high and low) and flip-up lenses caps. The only parts of this scope that are plastic are the lenses caps, but they are high quality and removable.

The quick detach feature is extremely convenient; if the firearm and mounted sight won’t fit in a gun case, for example, it’s quick and easy to just pop off the sight. Best of all, in spite of how easy it is the remove when you want it off, the sight will not become loose during continued use.

The low price and country of origin might raise some eyebrows, but this thing cannot be beat. At this price, it’s definitely worth buying to test out. It can almost be guaranteed that the sight won’t be returned!

BARSKA 3-9×42 IR Contour Riflescope Review (4A Mil-Plex IR 7/8″ Picatinny Base)

If you do a decent amount of looking around and research before purchasing this scope, let me tell you… you won’t regret at all. The quality of this scope is very impressive, and it is very easy to use. I mean really, I have to say it, for what you pay for this scope, you especially aren’t making a mistake; it just feels like a steal. You won’t break your bank at all!

The BARSKA 3-9×42 IR Contour Riflescope is specially good if you want something solid to shoot at longer distances.

Many people have had this scope for a while now and nobody has reported any failures yet. Your precision will increase greatly and you also will be able to hit your targets super accurately from around 100 yards, which is really cool. It would be nice to try this out on moving targets, or even on a hunt, I think it could probably do really well with that.

BARSKA 3-9x42 IR Contour Riflescope (4A Mil-Plex IR 7/8" Picatinny Base)It fit onto the rifle perfectly, the lens is super clear and provides such crisp vision; the crosshairs look great and really help you line up your shot; and the scope zeroes really fast and will stay there through a lot of rounds (I average around 20 before needing to readjust. I do want to say, however, that you should be sure the screws are in very tight to insure it doesn’t loosen up. That can be a slight inconvenience to fix while you’re shooting, but very avoidable of course.

I would definitely recommend this scope over the others out there, especially if you’re just starting out with this kind of thing, it’s perfect and easy to use.


BARSKA 1×30 IR M-16 Electro Sight Riflescope Review


As you read through several online reviews perhaps you may have mixed feelings about purchasing the BARSKA 1×30 IR M-16 Electro Sight Riflescope. After doing a little research outside of Amazon I found solid information on it and felt I could justify going ahead with the purchase. I mean compared to other red dot scopes you would assume their quality is a little better, but for what you pay for this, it’s really pretty worth it. Now, even if you are not a gun expert or a red dot scope expert, I think you may have a winner here. Many people and customers have used it for long periods of time and have not encountered any kind of serious problems with it.

You can easily mount it onto you AR-15 with no problem. It will sat on there nice and tight for a good number of rounds, I’d say around 15 and then you will have  to readjust it to be sure it is secure again. One great feature that you will love is the adjustable brightness on the scope; it is a great function and very important to have especially when you’re in a super sunny place (highest settings for bright, sunny days and lower settings for an indoor range or a cloudy day).

I would definitely recommend this red dot scope to those looking for one. You are going to save a lot of money compared to buying one of the higher end ones, and the shot accuracy is well worth it. You will be able to hit your targets with very good precision while using this red dot scope, that’s for sure!








NcSTAR® 4×32 mm Mark III Illuminated Reticle Tactical Scope Weaver / Picatinny Mount Review

B001COS3IYAs you read through the reviews (well, perhaps not all of them, you will be pretty sold just with the first page of reviews!) you will be almost overwhelmed by the positive feedback the NcSTAR® 4×32 mm Mark III Illuminated Reticle Tactical Scope Weaver / Picatinny Mount has received, and people have been buying this scope for years and are still impressed! If you are looking for a decently priced scope and want to start to get some good practice in, then you are looking at the right place!

It is probably that most of you are like me and can’t afford the high-end scopes out there (I mean, we gotta drop a huge amount on the gun alone!) Paying for the extra awesomeness that you can play with can get a little too up there. You will be very happy about the price, and honestly do not let your expectations to be lowered. In fact, they will be exceeded with how well it actually works. You can get a good 100 yards through this lens, that’ll give you some good shooting practice (or range if you’re hunting).

Mounting it is pretty easy to do, very quick and very painless. Nothing seems to have come lose or anything like that. I really like the quick release feature; you can get that baby on and off in 5 seconds, really it has to be 5 seconds. You will be also impressed with the multi-colored cross hairs; they make a difference between shooting somewhere dense and colored and somewhere completely open and void of distraction like that.

You could be in a moving vehicle and the cross hairs would probably still be super beneficial. The eye relief for me is at about 1.75”, but that can always vary per person, just be sure to find what’s comfortable for you.

Overall, you will become a fan of this scope. If you’re on a budget I would definitely recommend it. It may be limited to what it can do, but if you’re needing a good practicing scope, this is definitely a good one to try out.

BARSKA 4×20 Electro Sight Scope M-16 and AR-15 Riflescope Review

Meet the BARSKA 4×20 Electro Sight Scope M-16 and AR-15 Riflescope! This scope for your AR is an excellent purchase for the money, and really the price is totally reasonable too.

I’ve seen other scopes similar to this one go for over $200, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not usually willing to drop that kind of money.

But hey for a simple 4X scope that can give you a better view of something 100 ft away, I would take it!

I will say it feels a little more like a novelty scope than you know, a super serious one.

Some people have only really used the scope while practicing shooting at a range or been out in the open with friends practicing. I would think it may not be able to withstand too much wear a tear, but you never know. Maybe if you go out hunting or something you should give it a shot!

It’s really easy to use too! For those of you out there that may be new to shooting, or even new to the accessories, you can give it a try and buy it for your gun, don’t let this one intimidates you.

It’s really quite simple, you more or less just pop it right onto your gun and voilà! You’re ready to go. You can use it with your AR, and the lens has so far provided a very clear visual; it may take a minute for your eyes to adjust to the lens, but that really shouldn’t be an issue. The functionality of it is great; it zeroes in on the target very easily.

My wife even gave it a try—she’s new to shooting so I thought it would be something good for her to practice with. She did great, picked up on how to work it real quick.

The BARSKA 4×20 Electro Sight Scope will actually look really cool sitting there on top of your AR-15. It kinda beefs up the gun; makes it look a little more rugged, and hey that doesn’t hurt.

Definitely a great choice with an amazing price!