SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope Review

SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope

SigTac is a reputable brand (Sig Sauer Company) that offers rifle scopes of every range and feature. This does not mean you will have to burn a hole in your wallet in order to buy one of these, of course not. The SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope is an interesting and affordable option for those who want to get a high quality scope. If you are a shooting enthusiast and so you think that rifle scopes are a must, see below our quick review of the SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope and find out if it fits your needs or not.

Main Features

The name SigTac itself is synonymous with amazing quality and great features. The build of this product is very solid, as all SigTac products are built. The quality of the material used is sturdy. The rifle scope comes with very good windage and elevations adjustments. This unit has two modes, green and red. Each of the modes has five different brightness settings. This definitely sets it apart from many other scopes of its range.  Besides, this scope has three reticle modes. The illuminated ones are green and red, as stated above. And there is a non illuminated one, which is black. The rifle scope also features a nice and durable lens. Finally, this rifle scope is quite easy to acquire, as it is available on numerous online websites.


The pros and cons

The SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope is heavier on pros than cons. It is a compact rifle scope – so carrying it around and using it is easier. The elevation adjustments work really well. So you can have comfortable shooting experience for long periods of time. The lens on this rifle scope is excellent. It is quite clear and crisp – for a lens of this price range. It has color optics that come in useful indoors. But they are not very useful outdoors. The five brightness levels in the modes make it easier to view targets. The magnification and the illumination provided is excellent too. The target acquisition with this lens is extremely crisp and quick. You definitely will not be disappointed.


The final veredict

The SigTac Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope comes at a price range of well below $200. At this price, you are getting a unit with amazing features and also the quality tag of Sig Sauer. The targets are well acquired and illuminated. The elevations make shooting comfortable and the rifle scope itself is durable enough to sustain ample usage. Overall, an interesting option if you are looking for something with a great value for your money.

Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope Review

Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope2

For anyone who has some experience in tactical shooting, you know how important it is to get a good visual of your target. That in itself is common sense. Rifle scopes, such as the Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope, help you to achieve this goal, and even more, with the addition of extra features that make it worth the price.


Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope


In terms of features and specifications, this model cannot be outdone. A sturdier frame ensures that the equipment is resistant against constant recoil. Its tube diameter is 30mm, while adjustment click value is at 1/4 MOA. Turret height is set to high and complimented by a fast-focus eyepiece for a much better view. The fully multi-coated lens simply means that your lens is protected from everyday damage.

The equipment has also been devised to withstand water, as well as fog, making sure that it will not be that vulnerable to such common elements of nature. Moreover, the equipment is shock proof. In addition, maximum internal adjustment – in terms of windage and elevation – are built in, so you can customize your equipment and set it to 64 MOA apt for every kind of weather and rough terrain you might encounter.


Pros & Cons:

The main advantage of this particular model is obviously the light-gathering glass, which is considered to be top of the line and gives you superior quality. The multi-coated lenses permit a clear vision from afar, even in dimly lit areas.

The common complaint that is usually associated with this product is the rather hefty tag price, although users mostly justify this by citing the many advantages that they have enjoyed since they bought or switched to it. If price is the main issue, then looking for a good supplier would be the best solution. Otherwise, discounted prices can be found at various online retail stores.



At the end of day, the Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope will prove to be more than you bargained for. Think of it as an investment for a better rifle scope that will promise to enhance your performance over time; in fact, it is almost on par with many ultra-premium scopes on the market nowadays, but for less than the price of such items.

Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight Review

What are its specs?

The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight is a professional grade piece of equipment. It is often used by people who demand the most out of their weapons: armed forces and law enforcement.

Aimpoint made the  2OA CompM3 Sight in order to create a higher standard for sight systems technology. The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight is compatible with Aimpoint night vision devices in any equipment generation. The sight is hardy and can withstand extreme weather, temperatures ranging from -50 to 160 degrees fahrenheit, and 150 feet of water submersion.



Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight


The sight comes with a replaceable black rubber cover for the outside casing. The black rubber cover prevents scratches while blending in to the rest of the user’s equipment. The case uses a LED light source, 650nm red light, 1x magnification, and multi-layer coating on the objective lens. The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight runs on a single three volt lithium battery and has a battery life of approximately five years of continuous use.

The sight has dimensions of 2.2 x 2.2 x 5.1 inches, a 38 millimeter objective diameter, and a 30 millimeter tube diameter. The sight by itself weighs in at 7.8 ounces while the rubber cover weighs in at approximately 1.7 ounces.


What are some of its features?

Features of the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight include an unlimited field of view and optical light transmission. The sight is free of parallax and gives eye relief. The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight does not give off any harmful laser emissions. All surfaces are covered in anti-reflex coating.

The sight features six different daylight settings and four night vision device settings. A manual rotary switch adjusts dot intensity. Reliable speed is obtained through a mechanical switch that operates the unit. The sight is housed in high strength extruded aluminum and has a hard anodized matte finish. One click adjustments make 0.5-inch at 100 yards possible. The mechanics of the sight use one ring with 30-millimeter mounting.


Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight2


For the hefty price tag, the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight has great features and specs that make it very desirable in the vast rifle sight accessory market. The 2OA CompM3 goes for at least $550 USD new, but can reach past $650 easily.

However, the majority of online reviews give the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight the highest rating. The sight is targeted in both price and power towards serious rifle owners and professionals. The sturdy piece of equipment can hold itself together after accidental drops and collisions.

The battery life far surpasses other comparable optics in the market. If you feel that you are the a member of the target audience and that this rifle scope is right for you, then you may consider the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight as your next high quality sight.

Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic Review

In the following sections, we are going to make a full review about the Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic so you can check all the great features and specs that come with this fantastic scope.

What are the specs of this scope?

                We will first start out with the product dimensions of the Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic Scope. The dimensions are 6.8” X 4.6” X 3.4” inches and weighs in at only 7.8 ounces. With this compact size you will never have to worry about it weighing your gun down in anyway.  The light source that comes with this scope is LED and totally eye-safe so you will not have to worry about hurting your eyes when you use this scope.

The light source wave length is 650 nm red lights and the red dot size is 2 inches.  There will never be any need to center this scope because there is no Parallax included so you will never have to self-center it, it will be automatically do it on its own.  This scope offers unlimited eye relief, as well as night vision correction. There is anti-reflex coating on all surfaces and multi-layer coasting objective lens and no magnification is needed.

The battery included is a 3V lithium battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N that will last over 30,000 on a single charge which means 3 whole years without needing to be charged!


Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic

What are some great features?

                There are many awesome features available on this scope and the best one is that you can adjust the dot intensity using a manual rotary switch. This means you will be able to choose how big your red dot is to help you see the target better. The daylight settings are also available and you can choose from 6 different settings including one extra bright light.

The material of this scope is made from aluminum and is a black matte color with hard anodized surface finish. You can adjust your scope with 1 click at 13 mm at 100 m or in other words ½ inch at 100 yards.  The unit itself is waterproof of up to 25 meters  or 150 feet, and it can withstand temperatures from 50 below to 160 degrees F. This unit comes with a QRP2 mount for standard use and a spacer if using an AR15 or an M4 Carbine Application. This means you can use your mount on virtually any shot gun or hand gun to help you with your hunting or with target practice.

                The Aimpoint Pro Patrol Optic Scope is a very well made and easy to use scope to help you zero in on your target.  This is a great choice for any one from a novice hunter to a well-seasoned veteran.  I hope you read more about this awesome scope and read the many reviews available about it.  This is an awesome scope with an awesome price and is available online for many different prices and even available in store where ever guns are sold.

NIKON M-223 BDC 600 8489 3-12x42SF Riflescope (Black) Review


Nikon is a leader in the high-quality lenses industry. So, it makes sense that this riflescope is going to be top of the line. One of the most important aspects of any product is ease of use, and this scope delivers with incredible precision. It is ready to use right out of the box and has a wide range of uses. The scope provides stunning accuracy at 100, 300 and even 600 yards out, with a bullet drop compensator (BDC) that can be adjusted in 50 yard increments. The BDC also allows users to change from one distance to another without the need to make manual adjustments.

The Nikon M-223 BDC 600 8489 3-12x42SF riflescope has excellent clarity and works flawlessly in low-light conditions. The scope can easily be sighted within 10 to 20 rounds, and it will hold zero through hundreds and thousands of rounds.

The scope is made in the Philippines of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. It has a sleek design and just looks good. The craftsmanship on this piece is superb, and it holds steady and solid even when less-than-perfect ammo is used. The removable anti-reflective device does a great job at minimizing lens glare. Also included are two caps to keep the lens protected when not in use. A separate mount will be required, and the .223 mount works wonderfully.

NIKON M-223 BDC 600 8489 3-12x42SF Riflescope (Black)-2If there were to be any cons about this particular scope, it would be that the numbers on the turret are black to match the scope, which might make things difficult to see in low-light conditions. During the day, this doesn’t present a problem at all, especially when each adjustment is met with nice, crisp click. Also, there is no need for any kind of tools when adjusting.

As far as value, this riflescope outperforms all others in its price range. Considering how well it works, the price tag on this model makes it a steal. Anyone who thinks that this model is too expensive is welcome to try out one of the cheaper ones. Once they’ve wasted their money, they will certainly want to come back to this one. Those looking for an extremely reasonably priced scope that can handle mid to long distance shooting with little effort are sure to find themselves quite pleased with the M-223.





Burris 300210 AR-536 5×36 Sight (Black) Review


You may have shot using several scopes but you want something new, something with a crisper, cleaner view of your target. Am I right? I looked around a little bit and came across this optic, the Burris 300210 AR-536 5×36 Sight (Black); the reviews impressed me and it really seemed like a great addition to my collection. Burris describes it as “bigger and badder”, and I really gotta agree with them on that. You will be able to do some extensive shooting with this optic and it will prove to be the right decision in your search.

While doing my own research, I had in mind something that could give me at least a few hundred yards while practicing, but I was so excited to find that I could reach up to 600 with this scope. I was so pleased to find how easy it is to work with this optic.

I really enjoy its versatility; I have shot in the sunniest of situations, and also very poor lit, some rainy days– this baby is perfect in any setting, clear and no distortions. It should be noted also that there will not be any damages if you shoot in the rain. This optic really is built more ruggedly and is prepared to take most abuse that you can give to it.

Some customers reported minor problems mounting the optic, which let’s face it is not the best thing. In some cases, it took some finagling to make it straight, but it doesn’t seem to have affected anything at all.

Overall, I would definitely suggest the Burris 300210 AR-536 5×36 Sight (Black) to anyone looking for this kind of scope. It is built with really good quality, has great features, works very well, and for those of you just starting out it’s perfect. It is not cheap but you’re getting a lot for the amount you’re paying!