EOTech 512 Review: The Tactical Holographic Weapons Sight

The world of holographic red dot sights is an exciting one. One look at the EOTech 512 and you will see why. Its drool-worthy A65 reticle will get you on target fast – without sacrificing precision. Pair it with a 3-5x magnifier to hit your target where you want at most distances.

EOTech 512 Holographic Sight
  • EOTECH 512.A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in Back with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
  • Mount - Compatible with both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails
  • Adjustable Brightness - The 512 has 20 brightness settings for use in any lighting scenario
  • Water Resistant - The 512 is water resistant to 10 feet (3m)
  • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty - Comes with 10 year limited warranty

This sight fits in at the lower end of EOTech’s holographic sight product line. Not to say the 512 isn’t a great sight – it is. It just doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles the others have. Some sights are smaller and lighter than the 512. Others are night-vision ready. If you don’t feel like paying for these extra features, the 512 is a fantastic sight at a solid price.

Let’s break the 512 down feature-by-feature:


The EOTech 512 A65 features a 1 MOA aiming dot inside a 65 MOA circle reticle. Some versions come with the 68 MOA circle reticle. This is known as A65/1 reticle pattern, which is made up of 3 parts:

  • 1 MOA dot centered on the outside ring.
  • Large outside ring with 65 MOA (Minutes of Angle)
  • 4 quadrant ticks at the North, South, East and West points of the outside ring

The 1 MOA dot is about half the diameter of the 2 MOA dot found in your typical red dot sight. The smaller dot gives you more precise targeting – pretty handy at longer-ranges. However, it’s not as easy to find as the 2 MOA dot. This slows down your target acquisition a bit.

This is where the outer ring becomes important. It’s a large circle, which makes it very easy to see, and gets you on-target fast. This is a great optic for close quarter combat situations you would expect in law enforcement.

It’s the best of both worlds with the outer circle for fast target acquisition and the 1 MOA center dot for precision. You should be set up to 200 yards. Add in a magnifier and you could take that out to 600 yards.

Field of View

It has a field of view of 30 yards at a 4” eye relief so this offers a great visibility.  The brightness range starts at 110,000 at its brightest to 1 at the lowest. There are 20 different settings so you can control the brightness at any time according to your needs.

Night Vision

The 512 isn’t night vision compatible. However, its big brother, the EOTech 552, does work with night vision. If night vision compatibility is a must-have feature for you, the 552 is a worthwhile upgrade.

Weight & Dimensions

First, we will talk about the size of this model. The dimensions are 5.4”X2”X2.5” inches and weighs 10.1 ounces. The optical surfaces have an anti-glare coating and the window dimensions were 1.20” X 0.85” inches and the front window material was made from 1/8” solid glass and the rear window is made of shatter resistant laminate that is 3/16” thick. The unit itself is made from strong aluminum hood assembly and a very easy to used knobbed mountain kit.

Battery Life

It supports lithium and alkaline batteries. Go with lithium whenever possible. Lithium battery life is over 1,000+ continuous hours at nominal setting 12 and 600 hours using alkaline batteries. When you turn on your model 512, which takes two AA batteries, it will automatically show you how much battery you have left. It’s good practice to change your batteries regularly, even if you haven’t used your sight. Then you know it will work when you need it.

Water Proof and Fog Proof

The EOTech 512 is waterproof and is submersible up to 10 feet, so if you ever drop your it in a puddle, you can be rest assured that the scope will keep on working.  It can also able to withstand temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F.

It also has internal fog proof optics to help keep fog to a minimum so you are looking through clear glass – no matter the weather.

Parallax Free

The optics are parallax free so you will never have to center your scope and you will always get a clear shot of the item you are going to shoot at.  The magnification level on this unit is 1X so you will be able to get even closer to whatever you are shooting at whether it is an animal or target.  You will be able to rail mount your scope onto any hand gun or shot gun with ease and onto interfaces to 1” Picatinny or Weaver Rail.

EOTech 512 vs 552

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTech 512
EOTech 552
11.5 oz
11.5 oz
Length | Width | Height
5.6” x 2” x 2.5”
5.6” x 2” x 2.5”
Battery Life (Lithium)
1,000 hours
1,000 hours
Night Vision Ready?
Water Proofing
10 ft
33 Ft
More Information
EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTech 512
11.5 oz
Length | Width | Height
5.6” x 2” x 2.5”
Battery Life (Lithium)
1,000 hours
Night Vision Ready?
Water Proofing
10 ft
More Information
EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTech 552
11.5 oz
Length | Width | Height
5.6” x 2” x 2.5”
Battery Life (Lithium)
1,000 hours
Night Vision Ready?
Water Proofing
33 Ft
More Information

The major advantage of the 512 compared to the 552 model is price. The 552 adds night vision and better waterproofing. A signification upgrade for sure. But, not worth the extra expense, unless you think you will need it.


As you can see, speed and versatility makes the EOtech 512.A65 Holographic Sight a great choice for gun owners. It’s a solid performer at close-quarters, 100 yards, 200 yards, or even up to 600 yards with magnifier.

The 512 is, a popular choice among among law enforcement and military personnel. You will amazed at how this little unit can help you hunt better whether you are a novice or an experienced hunter.

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Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope Review

Vortex Spitfire 3x prism

The Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope w/ EBR-556B is a great addition to a hunter’s bag. This 3X rifle scope is perfect for shooting targets that are within a close to medium distance. What sets this scope apart is that it combines excellent optical features, easy handling and a rugged construction all in one package.

Features and Benefits

A hunter’s success in the field largely depends on the quality of his or her rifle scope. With the Vortex Spitfire 3X EBR-556B Prism Scope, you can be assured of consistent point of aim at all times.

  • Aim Better

The scope’s 3X lens brings targets that are 100 yards away closer. It is has a full multi-coating finish to achieve less light loss and glare. The lens also has several coatings with anti-reflective properties, which are designed to increase light transmission.

  • Sharp Optics and Precision

This Vortex scope features a unique prism-like design. As a result, it can be used with or without illumination. The Dual Ring Tactical (DRT) illuminated reticle etched on the prism helps to deliver sharp optics with consistent precision. You’ll also love the adjustable brightness feature that comes with the scope. It offers red/green illumination choices of up to five intensity levels, thus making it perfect for hunting in different conditions.

  • Easy to Handle, Lightweight, and Versatile

The battery life for the scope is 250 and 3,000 hours at maximum and minimum brightness respectively, and unlike other scopes that come with multiple parts, the Vortex Spitfire 3X Scope features a single piece chassis.

Weighing only 12.2 ounces, the scope is quite lightweight and compact. An additional feature that makes it quite easy to handle is the adjustable mounting base. By default, the scope comes mounted at a co-witness height of 40.4 mm between the optic center and base surface. You can remove the mount riser to reach a lower mount height of 30 mm if desired. In addition, you can use the scope with both eyes open thanks to its 2.8 inches eye relief range.

  • Withstands Shock, Fog, and Water

The icing on the cake for the Vortex Spitfire 3X shockproof Prism Scope is of course its rugged design. It has an O-ring seal that protects interior components from moisture. The materials have been strengthened with nitrogen purging gas to ensure a fog-proof and waterproof build. In addition, the rugged construction is shockproof and can withstand recoil as well as impact from falls. This rifle scope is designed with durability in mind since it features a hard-anodized, low glare, mate finish.

Is This a Good Purchase?

The prism-based design, 3 X magnifications and parallax-free lens of the Vortex Spitfire EBR-556B Prism Scope bring distant objects closer without compromising on optical quality. Therefore, if fast target acquisition in close to medium range is a priority, then this scope is a good purchase since it will make you a better hunter.

UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope Review

UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope Review

Nowadays, firearm enthusiasts and hunters alike are lining up to get their hands on a decent optical sighting device for their guns. Simplicity is a wonderful thing when hunting for elusive game. Being able to have a red dot on the target significantly decreases the chance of missing a definitive shot. Plus, when a scope has magnification, the target is easier to see, giving even older eyes an advantage in the wild.

So when you are in the market for the ideal hunting scope, what comes to mind? For many, the ultimate choice is the UUQ C4-12×50 Rifle Scope with a Dual Illuminated Reticle and 4 Tactical Holographic Dot Sight.  It is a truly well-matched scope for any rifle, because the clarity and accuracy is unparalleled, regardless of the target’s speed.

The Specifics

Engineered by UUQ, a top brand in scopes, the C4-12×50 brings an amazing array of features that will simplify hunting and make it more rewarding.

General Information:

  • Zoom: 4-12x
  • Goal lens: 50mm/1.97in
  • Exit pupil: 12.5-4.2mm/0.49-0.17in
  • Field of vision (m/100m/ft/1000yd): 9.7-3.3/29.1-9.9 (or 15.8 at 100m)
  • Transmission: 90%
  • Effect point correction per click (mm/100m): 7in/100yd: 0.25. ¼ MOA audible click stops.
  • Objective filter thread: M52x0.75
  • Length: 323mm
  • Weight: 750g

Other Features:

  • Tubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture
  • Multi-Reticle (4 patterns) or Variable dot (4 sizes)
  • Parallax corrected and eye relief (3-3.4 inches)
  • Built-in mount rail, so there is no need to re-zero when mounting to a different sight
  • 3V lithium battery for unparalleled battery life
  • Fingertip turrets
  • 100% waterproof and shockproof

Why We Love It

The C4-12×50 rifle scope has a lot to make a hunter smile. The high optical clearness at 4 to 12-times zoom and the 50mm objective diameter gives you room for fast acquisition of close quarter or fast moving targets.

How so? The tubeless design has a wide field of vision and intense magnification (4-12x zoom). This allows for normal shooting as well as firing at moving targets. Because transitioning through various magnifications and distance is so smooth (with zoom never losing focus), your target will never be out of sight. What truly separates the C4-12×50 from the crow is the Dual Illuminated Range Finding Graph reticle. Using this piece means have unlimited brightness control aids for finding targets in both strong sunlight and dark conditions—through green dimming or red brightening modes. Transitions in any context are seamless.

Installation of this scope on your favorite rifle is also hassle-free. Just be sure to use the correct size gun (see cons). Mounting to your rifle is easy when using the built-in 22mm rail that makes it compatible with 11mm and 22mm rails (think Weaver or Picatinny). Should you use this scope on an AR15, for example, you will receive virtually no recoil.

Additionally, the laser is detachable and has a tube diameter of 26mm. The laser can fit on any standard 22mm mount rail. The maximum output is <5mw and the wavelength is 625 to 660 N/m, which is more than enough for recreational hunting.

You know that wherever you find yourself on the hunt, the UUQ C4-12×50 is up for the challenge too. The scope has filled with dry nitrogen, is fog proof, shockproof, and is coated in a high-quality black matte finish to ensure it is 100% waterproof. The manufacturer is so certain of the scope’s durability that UUQ offers a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a 12-month warranty. Should anything happen, the customer service is phenomenal. You should have no problems getting answers and a replacement.

When you order the scope, you get the following extras:

  • A user manual
  • 3 AG13 batteries
  • 2 CR2032 batteries
  • 3 Allen keys
  • A lens cap
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • Aside from the holographic sight, scope, and laser.

What We Do Not Love

All decent equipment does come with some cons. The UUQ C4-12×50 rifle scope only has a few.

The weight of 750g and length (323mm) of the scope may come of concern to some hunters. For example, the length of the scope makes it incompatible with a .223, even if the rail is correct. Pair that with the weight, and the scope may get slightly cumbersome during long hauls.

Sometimes people receive lasers that are dysfunctional. This is usually fixed by contacting UUQ customer service for a replacement. Afterwards, the tactical rifle scope works exactly as it should.

In conclusion, the UUQ C4-12×50 Rifle Scope with a Dual Illuminated Reticle and 4 Tactical Holographic Dot Sight is an ideal choice for hunters seeking accuracy and clarity when hunting. The efficiency of the zoom, matched with the wide range of view, gives you an unhindered look at the target and your surroundings. Given the amount of extras and the unbeatable durability, the UUQ C4-12×50 Rifle Scope is a sure-fire winner that will get you a prize every time.

Gear Review: Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope

Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope

Gear Review: If you’re a serious hunter in search of a dependable scope, the 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope from Leupoldmight be the perfect match for you. Specially designed for the hardcore hunters, all features of this scope revolve around a hunter’s needs. Here’s a quick review of this unit to help you make an informed decision.

Leupold 114933 VX-HOG Rifle Scope

Fast Focus Eyepiece
The Leopold 114933 VX-HOG scope ensures you can turn any second you spend in the woods into that magical moment where you knock down your target. This is thanks to a lockable fast focus eyepiece that allows you to bring your targets into sharp focus in an instant.

This fast focus feature is also backed up by a generous eye box of 96-107mm, depending on the magnification setting. This eye box not only protects your eyes from injury but allows you to maintain a clear view of your game at all magnification levels for fast target acquisition.


Ballistic Aiming System
Accurate long-distance shooting is a difficult skill to master with only the most proficient and experienced of hunters managing to get it right. Leupold’s 114933 VX-HOG riflescope, however, takes away all the guesswork of long-distance shooting through a Ballistic Aiming System (BAS) that allows you to become an expert long-range shooter in no time. The BAS system is comprised of 5 specialized reticles that take into account all the variables concerned with accurate, long-range shooting to ensure dead on shots from distances as far as 300 yards away.


Finger Click Adjustments
Further ensuring you’ll get to make accurate long-range shots are the adjustable micro-friction knobs calibrated in 1/4 MOA increments. These finger click adjustments allow you to make ideal elevation and windage adjustments for accurate shots over long distances and during extreme conditions.


  • Features lead-free lenses which deliver better optical clarity
  • Has a robust construction that is absolutely waterproof and resistant to nicks, scratches, and abrasions
  • Lenses deliver optimal clarity, brightness, and contrast in all light conditions thanks to a multicoated lens system
  • Offers up to 4X magnification
  • Comes with a full lifetime guarantee


  • A few users find the scope’s thick cross hairs to be a little inconvenient. This complaint, however, is a matter of personal opinion as some users have found the cross hairs to be helpful when trying to quickly get on target.

Consumer Ratings
The 114933 comes highly recommended by its actual users who are more than pleased with its functionality. The only available complaint is that the scope’s thick crosshairs get in the way during hunting. But, all in all, this riflescope makes a good buy and comes with a pocket-friendly price.


For its asking price, Leupold’s 114933 VX-HOG rifle scope is well worth a serious consideration. It makes hitting long distance targets a nearly effortless experience, protects against accelerated wear, provides crisp clear view of your game, enables easy and quick adjustments, and allows you to hunt in all light conditions. These features are truly everything you’ll need to enjoy successful hunts.

Nikon Coyote Special Riflescope, Realtree Max-1, 4-12×40 Review

Nikon Coyote Special Riflescope, Realtree Max-1, 4-12×40

The Nikon Coyote Special Riflescope, Realtree Max-1, 4-12×40 offers everything that predator hunters loved about the accessory when it was first released. And now that it has been revamped for even more precision and ease of use, it’s once again on the radar for discerning hunters who demand for nothing but the best.

Nikon Coyote Special Riflescope, Realtree Max-1, 4-12×40

Best Features of the Nikon Coyote Special Riflescope Realtree Max-1,4-12×40 
Designed around the needs of predator hunters, the Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1,4-12X40 riflescope not only makes it easy for you to hit your targets, but also ensures you have an easy and fun time while you’re hunting.

With this riflescope, you can easily make adjustments while hunting, hit moving targets, hunt at any given time (early morning, afternoon, or evening), bring your target into focus within seconds, and even hunt stealthily without spooking your game. This is all thanks to the riflescope’s array of features, which are discussed below.


BDC Predator Reticle
Top on the list of the Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1,4-12X40 riflescope’s features is a BDC predator reticle. This reticle is arguably the best feature of the riflescope as it enables you make accurate shots at targets even when they’re on the move. The BDC reticle features a unique circle design that maintains a clear view of targets at all times thus enabling you to easily make shots at moving targets.


Nikon Spot on Ballistic Match Technology
The Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1, 4-12X40 is optimized for use with the Nikon Spot on Ballistic Match technology. This tech allows you to discover all of the exact aiming points on your BDC reticle from different distances. This makes it even easier for you to achieve precise shots even without having to wait for your target to stay still long enough to get a clear shot.


Multi-Coated Optical System
With this riflescope’s fully multi-coated optical system, you’ll be able to hunt at your own convenience. This system ensures optimum light transmission allowing you to hunt in all light conditions.

Other great features of the Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1, 4-12X40 include an Anti Reflective Device (ARD) that eliminates lens reflection ensuring your targets never notice your presence, a quick focus eyepiece, Spring-Loaded Zero-Reset Turrets that make it easy for you to make field adjustments, and Hand-turn 1/4 MOA adjustments that make it easy for you to zero in on your targets regardless of the hunting conditions and type of rifle you are using.


Is The Nikon Coyote Special Riflescope Realtree Max-1,4-12×40 Worth Buying? 
Thanks to its recent technology upgrades, the Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1, 4-12X40 can now meet the needs of even the most demanding of predator hunters. The riflescope allows long-range shots, makes zeroing in on targets child’s play, allows you to hunt in any weather and light conditions, and even throws in the benefit of enabling you to keep an eye on the immediate surroundings of your targets. So, what’s not to love about this riflescope?


  • Shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof, the Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1, 4-12X40 is highly durable and allows you to work under all sorts of conditions.
  • Features a generous eye relief that keeps your eyes safe from harm even when you are working with a rifle that has heavy recoil.
  • The riflescope is fitted with a quick focus eyepiece that allows you to instantly bring the reticle into focus.
  • Has a camo finish that blends in with the surrounding.
  • Provides you with a wide field of view.


  • So far, users have no complaints regarding this riflescope

The Nikon Coyote Realtree Max 1, 4-12X40 offers you everything you’ll need in a riflescope. It’s durable, lightweight, easy to use, and fitted with technologies and features that ensure accuracy during hunting. With its affordable price, you’re getting yourself a quality riflescope without having to spend much.

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope Review

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope

The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 riflescope is an excellent shooting accessory that’s the direct result of an expert collaboration between Nikon and Buckmaster. Nikon, the leader in optics, and Buckmaster, one of the most respected names in sporting equipment, have come together to engineer what could probably be the best budget-friendly riflescope for hunters and competitive shooters.

Hunters and competitive shooters have trusted the two companies for years and this makes the riflescope an attractive choice. When you go with Nikon or Buckmaster, you can purchase with confidence knowing that you’ll be getting a quality product from people who are experts in their fields. Additionally, big game hunting will now become easier thanks to a list of handy features and amazing technology that comes loaded with the scope.

Best Features of the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope
The Nikon Buckmaster riflescope is versatile, durable, and made for rugged use in both wet or dry conditions. The hunting riflescope is created with an anti-reflective system that offers multi-coated optics, a BDC reticle, and it is also nitrogen-filled to ensure moisture will never get inside your scope.

Furthermore, the 3.6″ eye relief ensures you won’t get smacked in the face from recoil and the 1/4 MOA allows you to easily adjust for wind and elevation. With ballistic circles, you’ll always enjoy an unobstructed view of your targets and the 40mm objective diameter ensures the scope can be used accurately for up to 600 yards.

Other features of this affordable accessory include:

  • 92% anti-reflection capabilities
  • Various shot differences
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof advantages
  • Lightweight at only 1 pound
  • O-ring seals
  • 1-inch body tube
  • 100-yard parallax setting
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Is the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope Worth Buying?
The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 riflescope is not only affordable, it’s also made with high-grade optics, comes with the BDC reticle trajectory compensating system, and it’s 100% reliable in all sorts of weather conditions. Adding to the versatility and durability of this scope is Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty covers both manufacturer defects and craftsmanship problems, which allows you to purchase this scope with confidence. Anyone who needs a scope but don’t want to spend a ton of cash to get one will appreciate what this scope has to offer.


  • Easy to use
  • Sights easily
  • Holds zero well
  • Matte black finish will match any rifle
  • Moisture won’t penetrate
  • A fantastic lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for big game hunting
  • Can be used on rifles, muzzleloaders, or even rimfires


  • Doesn’t have illuminated reticles

If you need an entry-level riflescope that’s reliable, durable, and precise, you’ll appreciate this Nikon Buckmaster accessory. With this scope, you’ll get to experience fast, simple target acquisition every time you look down the scope.

Nikon and Buckmaster have put a lot of thought into the construction of this shooting accessory and the expert combination delivers on everything you would expect within this pocket-friendly price range. By using Nikon’s powerful optics and Buckmaster’s knowledge of what big game hunters want, the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope will deliver exactly what you need to knock down big bucks.

Monstrum Tactical S330P 3x Ultra-Compact Prism Scope Review

Monstrum Tactical S330P 3x Ultra-Compact Prism Scope

The Monstrum Tactical S330P 3X Ultra-Compact Prism scope is an affordable optic option for people who are on a budget. The scope doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive units, but it gets the job done just the same.

Monstrum Tactical has a reputation for creating reliable and high-quality shooting gear, and the 330P is a great example of their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The S330P is ideal for mounting on ARs and works best for close to mid-range shooting. If you want an optic that won’t cost a fortune, mounts easily, and can handle a variety of tasks, this prism rifle scope is exactly what you need.

Best Features
The S330P 3X Ultra-Compact Prism scope is loaded with a variety of features usually only seen on higher priced models. One of the best features is its ultra-compact design that makes it easy to use and handle. While maintaining its compact look, the rifle scope is also heavy-duty, so it will withstand frequent use on the range. Besides its easy-to-use design, the scope also has crystal clear optics that will allow you to acquire your targets quickly. Even better, the scope gives your rifle a really sleek look when installed.


  • Multi-brightness levels
  • Only weighs 15 oz.
  • Perfect for use on ARs or small caliber rifles
  • MOAs are 1/2 per click
  • Black reticle with red or green crosshairs
  • Reticle is visible with or without illumination
  • Fits comfortably on AR15 carry handle
  • 5” long
  • Capable of rapid target acquisition
  • Fixed scope
  • Easy to mount
  • Eye relief of 3.5”
  • 3X magnification
  • 30mm objective lens
  • Accurate up to 500 yards
  • Can be used with both eyes open
  • Daytime shooting won’t require the reticle to be illuminated
  • Battery for reticle lasts a very long time
  • Glass prism optical system
  • Delivers better optical quality than scopes with refracting lens system
  • Holds zero well (even after hundreds of loads)
  • Base can be removed
  • Anti-reflective coatings on lenses
  • The feel of a military grade optic
  • Ideal for varmint shooting
  • Returns to zero when removed from rifle
  • Adjustment ring for cross hairs included with purchase
  • Good field of view (FOV)


  • Thumb screws that secure rail are heavy and bulky
  • Illuminated reticles run off batteries
  • Reticle illumination can get washed out on a bright, sunny day, even on the highest setting
  • Rail extension may be needed to increase comfort of eye relief
  • Allen screws on base may back out if not tightened before mounting to rail
  • Will not hold up to shotgun recoil
  • Elevation knob works backwards (turning the knob up actually moves sight down)
  • May require the use of lock tight to keep mounting screws from backing out
  • A cheek riser may be required if not mounting the scope on an AR
  • Does not come with lens dust caps
  • Batteries may not be included with purchase
  • Nuts have poor coating, which makes them appear “used” right out of the box

Now you know exactly what to expect when you purchase this prism optic rifle scope. The Monstrum Tactical S330P 3X Ultra-Compact Prism Scope is an affordable option for shooters on a budget. When you consider this compact rifle scope is created with some of the best optical technology on the market, it’s surely a deal not to miss. Although the scope is not without its cons, the downsides to this scope are minimal and can be compensated for with just a little bit of effort. No matter how you look at it, this scope is a great choice for shooters who want a scope with awesome optics and don’t want to spend a fortune to get it.

Tasco Target/Varmint 6-24x42mm Rifle Scope Mil Dot Reticle Review

Tasco Target Varmint 6-24x42mm

TheTasco Target/Varmint 6-24x42mm Rifle Scope with Mil Dot Reticle is the perfect accessory for use on the range, in the prairie, or while out in the woods. With this scope, you can expect long range accuracy that will allow you to hit your mark each and every time you use it. One of the reasons the Tasco Target/Varmint rifle scope is so popular is due to its incredibly affordable price tag. Additionally, the scope offers high-quality and multi-coated optics, a magnification of 6x24x42mm, and the field of view (FOV) of 13” at 6x and 3.7” at 24x. The rifle scope is also designed for use at 100 yards.

Each lens in this Tasco rifle scope is coated with Super-Con, Multi-Layered (SC/ML) material for durability and clarity. With a 42mm objective lens, you can expect clear, bright images any time you use it.

In addition to the great features mentioned above, this scope has a minute of angle (MOA) windage of 1/4-inch and easy to use elevation adjustments. It will fit nicely on many 16” rifles and won’t weigh you down because it only weighs 19 oz.

This Tasco Target/Varmint Rifle Scope offers great value-for-money when you consider its asking price in return for the features it offers. When used solely for target or varmint shooting, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other comparable shooting accessory at the same price.

The strengths of this scope include:

  • Fine tuning accuracy
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to mount
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Shockproof construction
  • Mil Dot reticle
  • Perfect for use with rifles that have little recoil
  • Large and adjustable objective lensesthat allow you to see at great distances
  • Finger adjustable turrets
  • Holds zero well
  • 3” eye relief
  • Adjustable objective
  • 1” tube diameter
  • Big knobs that make adjustments easy
  • Perfect for coyote hunting
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable parallax
  • Settings are repeatable
  • Crisp cross hairs

Like any rifle scope on the market, this Tasco product is not ideal for everyone. It’s advertised as a varmint/target scope and stands up to those claims, but has a few downfalls that must be disclosed in order to ensure that no one is left disappointed with their purchase.

That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that even with the cons listed below, this rifle scope is still a very affordable option that performs well at its job.

Some of the rifle scope’s weaknesses include:

  • Clarity has a tendency to blur over 100 yards
  • Doesn’t come with scope rings
  • Requires redialing (usually between 200 to 300 rounds)
  • Mils are calibrated at 8x magnification
  • Magnification and mils must match for mils to work
  • Sunshade is not available for 42mm
  • Not ideal for rifles that deliver a great deal of recoil

Just like the name implies, the Tasco Target/Varmint 6-24x42mm Rifle Scope with Mil Dot Reticle is ideal for target and varmint shooting. Despite some of its cons, it will do a good job if you’re using it on a target or varmint rifle. It will be challenging to find anything else that does a better job at this price range. So, if this is a scope that you’ve been keeping an eye on, go ahead and pick it up – you’ll be glad you took the plunge. The scope offers all the features you’ll ever need to target shoot or get rid of varmints, and you don’t have to go broke to get it.

While no one is going to argue that this Tasco scope doesn’t offer some of the finer features of a Leupold scope or other elite brands out on the market, no one is denying that it’s the perfect scope for target shooters on a budget.

Gear Review: Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope

Are you conflicted about which scope to get for your hunting endeavors? Want to narrow down your list to a few good options? If so, you should take a few moments to learn about the Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope. Designed for scout rifles, this Burris scope is loaded with a ton of beneficial features including positive click adjustments, double adjustment springs, quad ring seals, and more. The following review discusses its best features as well as its pros and cons.

Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope

Performs Well Under Extreme Weather Conditions
With the Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 scope, you’ll not have to wait for fair weather to be able to go hunting. In fact, you can hunt in virtually any weather thanks to the scope’s rugged construction. It has a fog proof and waterproof construction which enhances overall performance. This means the scope will maintain its functionality whether it’s raining, foggy, or sunny. As an added bonus, this scope features a shockproof housing that will survive rugged field use in any weather.

Features Excellent Optical Quality
Featuring a multi-coated lens, this scope offers you unsurpassed clarity and brightness. The coating of the lens eliminates light glare and provides superior light transmission of up to 95%. You’ll also get a sharper and clearer image of your target. The lens coating enables you to differentiate the brown under bush from the coat of your prey. Therefore, you’ll be able to hunt with ease even when your surrounding conditions are far from ideal.

Offers Generous Eye Relief
Eye relief of a scope, which is also known as the distance between your eye and the lens at the rear of the scope, is one feature you shouldn’t compromise on. This is because it plays an important role in determining the functionality and safety of the scope.

Burris understands the importance of eye relief. Hence, they’ve offered you what is arguably one of the best eye relief range in the market. At 7.3 inches, the eye relief this scope offers is both generous and tightly controlled. It gives you a full, crisp view with no dark rings around the edges thus enabling quick target acquisition. The eye relief also helps you avoid a black eye or worse when you’re using a rifle with high recoil.

• Resistant to the shock of hard use
• At only 13 ounces, the scope is compact and lightweight
• Features a scratch resistant lens
• Offers windage and elevation adjustments
• Allows for placement well forward on the rifle thus enabling you to keep both your eyes on your targets
• Features terrific magnification
• Making adjustments is very easy
• The scopes heavy plex reticle provides long range accuracy

• The scope does not come with mounting hardware

What’s In the Box?
• The Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 handgun scope
• A non-illuminated ballistic reticle
• Manufacturer warranty

Consumer Ratings
At the time of writing this review, this scope has managed to earn a star rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon after 19 reviews. It’s quite clear that buyers love everything about this unit. From its magnification to its performance and eye relief, as far as serious complaints are concerned, reviewers on Amazon have not yet raised any.

When shopping for a rifle scope, the most important things to consider include optical quality, ability to reduce glare and handle light, construction, mechanical reliability, and suitability to your hunting application. The Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 scope excels in all of these areas and is therefore a great buy. The best part is that despite its excellent quality and performance, this scout scope is not too costly.

Review: Nikon Force XR 2.5-8 x 28 EER Matte with BDC Reticle

Nikon Force XR 2

The Nikon Force XR 2.5-8 x 28 EER Matte with BDC reticle was designed to help shooters maintain optimal performance when hunting. This model makes the ideal riflescope for handgun users and comes with a wide range of useful features. Read on to learn more about the scope’s features, specifications and benefits as the details provided will be vital for making an informed purchasing decision.


Nikon Force XR 2.5-8 x 28 EER Matte

High Quality Optical System
Optical features can make or break a riflescope. Fortunately, the engineers at Nikon have equipped the Force XR scope with high quality optics for users who demand high performance. The scope comes with fully multi-coated lenses that reduce glare and sharpen contrast. Nikon claims that the Ultra ClearCoat™ optical system on this model improves light transmission by up to 95% for clear sight imagery from dusk to dawn.

The Force XR scope doesn’t limit users to a fixed zoom power. It’s a variable power scope with magnification ranging between 2.5Xs and 8Xs. Users get a wide field of view (FOV) that measures 13.1 and 4.1 inches at minimum and maximum power respectively. Parallax setting on the scope is fixed at 100 yards. In addition, you won’t be getting a black eye when using this scope since it has an extended eye relief of 12 to 30 inches at 2.5Xs magnification and 9 to 13 inches at 8Xs magnification.


Rugged Build Quality Ideal for Field Use
At first glance, the Nikon Force XR 2.5-8×28-rifle scope looks sleek with its black matte finish. Equipped with a 32mm objective lens, this scope is rather compact too. Its lightweight construction is only 11.5 ounces which reduces the amount of weight you’ll be carrying when hunting.

Build quality of this riflescope is just as impressive as its stylish design. The scope will hold up to accidental knocks, drops and fluid splashes thanks to its shockproof and water-resistant housing.


Fast Focus Eye Piece and Grooved Turrets for Easy Usage
Apart from the extended eye relief, you’ll also find this scope easy to use because of its quick focus eyepiece and windage/elevation hand-turn adjustments. The first feature makes lining up iron sights on the target effortless. Both windage and elevation turrets have grooved caps to give you a good grip when making reticle adjustments.


Powered by a Glass BDC Reticle
For the reticle construction, Nikon chose to equip this scope with etched glass. It has a BDC reticle that places dots and circles on the target, and this helps you make range estimates and compensation requirements for bullet drop and drift. Although the scope lacks a zero control for resetting turrets, you can make reticle adjustments in a quarter (1/4) MOA clicks, which is ideal for most common shooting activities.



  • Fully multicoated lens for excellent light transmission even in foggy weather
  • Rugged construction for waterproof and shockproof performance
  • Scope provides long eye relief and wide FOV
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Package comes with flip lens covers


  • Turrets are not resettable to zero

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Nikon Force XR 2.5-3×28 riflescope
  • Instruction manual


Consumer Ratings
Despite having been reviewed only 15 times on Amazon at the time of this writing, the Nikon Force XR has managed to score an impressive 4.7 rating out of a possible 5 stars. One frequent complaint from buyers is that eye relief suffers at high magnification. However, this is a common problem for all high-powered scopes.


This interesting rifle scope offers all the features you would need when demanding precise shooting. With this scope, you’ll get high recoil ruggedness, bright and fully multi-coated optics, extended FOV and eye relief as well as ultra-accurate windage and elevation adjustments. Overall, it offers great value for your money, especially if you’re looking for a mid-range priced scope for your rifle.