Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope Review

For anyone who has some experience in tactical shooting, you know how important it is to get a good visual of your target. That in itself is common sense. Rifle scopes, such as the Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope, help you to achieve this goal, and even more, with the addition of extra features that make it worth the price.


Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope


In terms of features and specifications, this model cannot be outdone. A sturdier frame ensures that the equipment is resistant against constant recoil. Its tube diameter is 30mm, while adjustment click value is at 1/4 MOA. Turret height is set to high and complimented by a fast-focus eyepiece for a much better view. The fully multi-coated lens simply means that your lens is protected from everyday damage.

The equipment has also been devised to withstand water, as well as fog, making sure that it will not be that vulnerable to such common elements of nature. Moreover, the equipment is shock proof. In addition, maximum internal adjustment – in terms of windage and elevation – are built in, so you can customize your equipment and set it to 64 MOA apt for every kind of weather and rough terrain you might encounter.


Pros & Cons:

The main advantage of this particular model is obviously the light-gathering glass, which is considered to be top of the line and gives you superior quality. The multi-coated lenses permit a clear vision from afar, even in dimly lit areas.

The common complaint that is usually associated with this product is the rather hefty tag price, although users mostly justify this by citing the many advantages that they have enjoyed since they bought or switched to it. If price is the main issue, then looking for a good supplier would be the best solution. Otherwise, discounted prices can be found at various online retail stores.



At the end of day, the Burris 200463 MTAC 4.5-14 x 42 Scope will prove to be more than you bargained for. Think of it as an investment for a better rifle scope that will promise to enhance your performance over time; in fact, it is almost on par with many ultra-premium scopes on the market nowadays, but for less than the price of such items.

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