AR 15 Holographic Sights:The New Age of Long Distance Shooting

AR-15 Holographic Sights

Holographic Sights are the latest in Long Distance Shooting for your AR-15. The sight uses laser technology and a computer to judge distance, wind speed, and other factors. These factors are displayed on the glass of the gun accessory.

Hunters love this information and the sight makes their sport easier. Military sharp shooter units have used this technology for the last 10 years. While many people will benefit from this technology, it is not for everyone.

I encourage you to check it out at your local gun shop before deciding if it is for your or not.

What are the Differences between Regular Scopes and Holographic Sights?

Simply put the holographic sights are much more accurate than regular scopes. You have a better view, a more accurate sight of your target and a focus within everything you are looking at through the view of your sight. While some will say the regular scopes are better than the holographic sights because essentially, “if it’s not broken, why fix it?”, many people will choose the more challenging aspect vs. the technology of a holographic sight.

Start with the best: EOTech Holographic Sights

You can’t find the best holographic sight for AR-15’s, shotguns, or any other firearm (like your .22 pistol) without checking out EOTech’s selection. They are the first name you will hear in the holographic site world for a reason.

Even with the basic 512 model, you get the A65/1 reticle pattern sight. Up close, use the 65 MOA outer ring for to acquire your target fast. At distance, the 1 MOA dot in the center gives you better precision than you get with your typical 2 MOA red dot sight.

For a few more dollars you have the 552, which adds night vision capability. Then XP2 and XP3 are more light-weight. All great sights in their own right. Still, the EOTech 512 is our pick for the best value holographic sight you can buy.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Holographic Sight

You want to consider several factors before you decide to buy your holographic sight, but to narrow it down; you want to keep your considerations to:

  • Price
  • Field of Sight, “How’s the view?”
  • Size of Scope
  • Amount of Use

With these considerations and understanding how it is to meet your needs, your choice of holographic sights will make your goals in hunting and target shooting met with ease.

In which Situations will this Scope be used?

From Hunters to Police SWAT teams, holographic sights have been used in many different situations. For example, it is used for:

  • Sport of Hunting
  • Sharp Shooter Competitions
  • Military Sharp Shooting Sniper Units
  • Protection (capturing a fugitive or someone running from being arrest)

Each situation is different, regardless of what it will be used for, the holographic sight will make your hunting experience better, the competition much more of a challenge for the other competitors who use regular scopes, or the capture of a fugitive a great motive to do better each time.

Holographic Sights have became more on trend in comparison to the regular scopes. Like I stated above, the sight uses laser technology and a computer to judge distance, wind speed, and other factors. These factors are important in every situation that it is used in. Hunters want this information. The military marine needs this information and technology. It is not for everyone but it could be for you!

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