AR-15 Detachable Carry Handle with Rail Mount Package Review

When it comes to rifle accessories, you can count on Monstrum Tactical to deliver the best variety of products you would ever get your hands on. With the arrival of the AR-15 Detachable Carry Handle with Rail Mount Package, you could rest assured that everything you need for your rifle to function above expectations could be found with this equipment.

In any case, it is still worth weighing in on various pros and cons as far as features are concerned in order to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

ar-15 detachable carry handle monstrum


Monstrum Tactical can certainly impress when it comes to the key features of its products, and this particular model is no exception. Here are some of the features which you might find useful:


→ Standard carry handle and carry handle optics mount combo in one package;

→ Detachable 5×7 carry handle means compatibility with most products;

→ Dual aperture rear flip-up sight;

→ Optic mount compatibility with Picatinny and Weaver optic products;

→ Aircraft grade aluminum construction;

→ Adjustable elevation settings.



While being highly praised for its sleek design and finish, this particular model has also received great reviews as far as functionality is concerned, thanks to the enhanced experience offered by its state of the art features. Here are some of the praises it has gained:


√ Inexpensive but considered value for money thanks to its high quality finish;

√ Eye relief for tactical scope;

√ Sturdy, solid hold ensures ability to hold zero;

√ Adjustable windage settings;

√ Compatibility with Picatinny rails means stronger hold and easy adjustment.

ar-15 detachable carry handle monstrum2


As far as cons are concerned, durability is still the main issue which keeps on popping up in online reviews. Even so, it should be noted that such issues could also be attributed to the use of the product, and are thus, debatable to a certain extent. Here are some of the common complaints:


χ Handle is not anodized, which translates to wobbly sight;

χ Poor reaction to recoil despite sturdy hold;

χ Tendency to lean on one sight, inability to be mounted straight;

χ Rear sight assembly breaks easily.



Despite some of the negative feedback, the AR-15 Detachable Carry Handle with Rail Mount Package is still a good choice for those looking for a functional and sleek looking carry handle. Most buyers have given it a 5-star rating on Amazon and we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with it too.

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