Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight Review

What are its specs?

The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight is a professional grade piece of equipment. It is often used by people who demand the most out of their weapons: armed forces and law enforcement.

Aimpoint made theĀ  2OA CompM3 Sight in order to create a higher standard for sight systems technology. The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight is compatible with Aimpoint night vision devices in any equipment generation. The sight is hardy and can withstand extreme weather, temperatures ranging from -50 to 160 degrees fahrenheit, and 150 feet of water submersion.



Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight


The sight comes with a replaceable black rubber cover for the outside casing. The black rubber cover prevents scratches while blending in to the rest of the user’s equipment. The case uses a LED light source, 650nm red light, 1x magnification, and multi-layer coating on the objective lens. The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight runs on a single three volt lithium battery and has a battery life of approximately five years of continuous use.

The sight has dimensions of 2.2 x 2.2 x 5.1 inches, a 38 millimeter objective diameter, and a 30 millimeter tube diameter. The sight by itself weighs in at 7.8 ounces while the rubber cover weighs in at approximately 1.7 ounces.


What are some of its features?

Features of the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight include an unlimited field of view and optical light transmission. The sight is free of parallax and gives eye relief. The Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight does not give off any harmful laser emissions. All surfaces are covered in anti-reflex coating.

The sight features six different daylight settings and four night vision device settings. A manual rotary switch adjusts dot intensity. Reliable speed is obtained through a mechanical switch that operates the unit. The sight is housed in high strength extruded aluminum and has a hard anodized matte finish. One click adjustments make 0.5-inch at 100 yards possible. The mechanics of the sight use one ring with 30-millimeter mounting.


Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight2


For the hefty price tag, the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight has great features and specs that make it very desirable in the vast rifle sight accessory market. The 2OA CompM3 goes for at least $550 USD new, but can reach past $650 easily.

However, the majority of online reviews give the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight the highest rating. The sight is targeted in both price and power towards serious rifle owners and professionals. The sturdy piece of equipment can hold itself together after accidental drops and collisions.

The battery life far surpasses other comparable optics in the market. If you feel that you are the a member of the target audience and that this rifle scope is right for you, then you may consider the Aimpoint 2OA CompM3 Sight as your next high quality sight.

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