A Review of the Leapers AccuShot 1-4.5 x 28 30mm Mil-Dot CQB Scope

So, the AccuShot Leapers is a good scope to use. There are a couple of issues, which we’ll get to in the review part of this, well, review. First, let’s talk about what this scope has for features, and we were actually really impressed by how much you get for your buck on the Accushot Mil-Dot. Let’s go over the features list.


accusshot Leapers


  • This scope has a casing that is fogproof, shockproof and waterproof. It also has an angled edge integrated into it for shade and reduction of glare. It also includes QD low profile rings and lens caps that you won’t lose because they flip open.
  • Lenses are emerald coated, and the reticle is etched rather than projected.
  • The parallax is preset at 100 yards
  • The target turrets are zero locking and resetting with ½ MOA per click adjustments for windage and elevation so you can be precise and consistent.
  • Illumination enhancing system that isn’t available anywhere else. Dual-color and 36-color modes for any weather and any light you want to shoot in, and it only takes one click to reset it to the last setting used.
  • 1-4.5x 28, 30mm Magnification


Review of the AccuShot Leapers 1-4.5 x 28 30mm Mil-Dot CQB Scope

UTG is a great company to buy from, and have been very helpful answering questions about scopes in the past. This particular scope is very sharp, with great glass and the Mil-Dot is a major improvement over the circle with the red dot on another AccuShot scopes. There are a couple of issues that we saw, but all in all the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Here they are for your perusal.



  • The turret reading will lock at zero so that it doesn’t move around and you can set it facing you.
  • Great eye relief with just about extension level.
  • Controls for the reticle lighting are perfectly situated and work just right.
  • A heavy duty scope that we can tell is made to last and would still be usable after a major fall.
  • The reticle illumination is simply terrific. Most of the levels are brighter than we have seen in other scopes and that happens even in daylight, but especially great at night.
  • Very small, precision crosshairs that make it easy to hit your shot.
  • On 1x settings, the target is acquired extremely fast.
  • Has flip lens cap covers that aren’t going to break off easily (unlike some we’ve seen)


accusshot Leapers 2



  • The Mils are a bit off. The formula that they  use if flawed, but honestly, it is hard to do true mils at 5x , and they had to use something, but it would have been better to make the math easier to do.
  • There isn’t a manual at all. Even if you go online, and try to find out more about this scope, you’re out of luck. Still, what you’re getting for the price is pretty amazing.

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